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Eldred Huff.

Captain Eldred Huff, Fremont Co. Enl. Oct. 2, 1861; app. 3d Serg. on muster-in; prom. 1st Serg. Sep. 1, 1862; Capt. Feb. 3, 1863. Remained with the Co. on Vet. reenlistment. Captured in action Dec. 14, 1864, White's Station, Tenn. Dismissed by S. O. 27, War Dep., A. G. O., Jan. 18, 1865, upon charges of neglect of duty and mismanagement in the affair in which he was captured; dismissal revoked by order of the President, S. O. 453, war Dep., A. G. O., Aug. 23, 1865, upon a report of the Judge Advocate General, and honorably discharged as of the date of the order of dismissal. Prisoner from time of capture to end of the war. Served with the regt. in the field until captured.

How Captain Eldred Huff Was Captured

Huff's advance-guard (a corporal and four men) had just reached the top of a small hill when they ware observed to fire a few shots and disappear down the road on the other side. Huff hastily assumed that there were rebels in front, and he hurried his men forward at a run. The stranger troops did the same, but when they reached the open space they rode across it at great speed, toward the Iowa men.

Huff says ,he thought they meant to get his road and reach the scene of the firing before him. Instead of turning up the road, however, upon this idea, they wheeled to the left, poured a volley into the Fourth Iowa, and charged.
Huff tried bravely to get his little command into position for defense, and did return the fire and kept the rebels off for a few moments ; but they were too near and much too strong for him. And a portion of them  quickly outflanked him.

His command was broken to pieces, with a loss of three killed, eight wounded, and twenty captured, himself being among the prisoners. The remainder escaped and rode back to Memphis. A larger detachment was then sent out, which brought in the killed and a few wounded who had not been taken away, but found no enemy. Captain Huff and his fellow prisoners were confined at Andersonville, the survivors remaining captive till the end of the war.

Eldred Huff.

Birth: Unknown
Death: April: 21,1911.

Parents: Eldred Huff (1804 - 1883), Susan Huff (1811 - 1866).

Wife: Susan J Huff (____ - 1921).

Siblings: Eldred Huff (____ - 1911), Anna Huff Shannon (1832 - 1861), Samuel Huff (1837 - 1863), Abraham H Huff (1841 - 1863).

Note: aged 71.

Burial: Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.

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