Saturday, May 28, 2016

Edward H. Twining.

Edward Henry Twining.

Birth: Oct. 3, 1833.
Death: Mar. 20, 1920.

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name; TWINING, EDWARD H. Rank; PVT. Company; K. Unit; 33rd Illinois US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence; JACKSONVILLE, MORGAN CO, IL. Age; 28. Height; 5' 8. Hair; BROWN. Eyes; GRAY. Complexion; FAIR. Marital Status; MARRIED. Occupation; TEACHER. Nativity; LOWELL, MA.

Service Record. Joined When; AUG 21, 1861. Joined Where; SPRINGFIELD, IL. Period; 3 YRS. Muster In; SEP 2, 1861. Muster In Where; CAMP BUTLER, IL. Remarks; PROMOTED CAPTAIN.

Civil War Detail Report.

Name; TWINING, EDWARD H. Rank: CPT. Company; K. Unit; 33 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence; JACKSONVILLE, MORGAN CO, IL. Age; 28. Height; 5' 8. Hair; BROWN. Eyes; GRAY. Complexion; FAIR. Marital Status; MARRIED. Occupation; TEACHER. Nativity; MA.

Service Record. Joined When; SEP 23, 1862. Joined Where; NEW ORLEANS, LA. Period; 3 YRS. Muster In; FEB 15, 1864. Muster In Where; NEW ORLEANS, LA. Remarks; PROMOTED ADC BY PRESIDENT SEP 28, 1864.

Edward H. Twining was promoted from private to Captain of Company K in September, 1862, and served until October, 1864, when he resigned to accept commission as Captain A. D. C. on the Staff of Major General J. J. Reynolds. While in the ranks, Twining was noted for his soldierly bearing and strict observance of all duties and formalities required of a soldier. He was a man of superior education, having graduated at Wabash College in 1852, and was afterward a professor in the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale.

In 1866 he was appointed to a professorship in Washington and Jefferson College, Pa., and later was connected with the Universities of Minnesota and Missouri. In 1882 he entered the service of the Government as Engineer under the Mississippi River Commission, which position he still holds. It goes with out saying that Capt. Twining reflected great honor on our regiment, both during and since the war. His ad dress is 2739 Locust street, St. Louis, Mo.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Benjamin Thomas Cushing.

Benjamin Thomas Cushing.

Birth: Sep. 10, 1833.
Death: Nov. 4, 1872.

Parents: Benjamin Cushing (1807 - 1882) Nancy Swain Cushing (1812 - 1886).

Wife: Julla E. Jacobs.
Married Oct. 2, 1867.

Siblings: Benjamin Thomas Cushing (1833 - 1872) Pluma V Cushing Maxham (1837 - 1870) Nancy Adelaide Cushing (1847 - 1876) Jason Roscoe Cushing (1852 - 1890).

Burial: City Cemetery Conneaut Ashtabula County Ohio.

Benjamin Thomas Cushing was born in Conneaut, Ohio, September 10. 1839, was educated at Kingsvllle Academy; enlisted in Company G, was appointed sergeant, and was In continuous service as such until Septembers, 1863. when he was wounded in the ankle, during the famous charge of the regiment at Chlckamauga. He remained on the field until the following Saturday, his wound being dressed on Friday for the first time. He was in hospital until June 28. 1864. when he was discharged. He was admitted to the bar and elected Probate Judge of Ashtabula County, in 1868: re-elected in IMP. but resigned before the expiration of his term because of ill health and died of consumption November 4, 1872. at Chat field. Minn. He was a most exemplary man and faithful soldier.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Horace D Boone .

Pvt Horace D Boone.

Birth: Apr. 5, 1845.
Death: Jun. 29, 1918.

Co. H 31st, Durell's Ind. Co.; 1864-65.

Parents: Daniel Boone (1799 - 1854),Elizabeth A Bertolette Boone (1816 - 1886).

Wife: Elizabeth Hangen Boone (1853 - 1928).

Children: Elizabeth Hangen Boone.
Christening December 7. 1879.

Burial: Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

John Echols.

John Echols.

Birth: Mar. 20, 1823.
Death: May 24, 1896.

Wife's: Mary Helen Cochran Echols (1834 - 1922), Mary Jane Caperton Echols (1823 - 1874).

Children: Harriette Echols Miller (1847 - 1899), Edward Echols (1849 - 1914), James Alexander Echols (1851 - 1852), Sarah Ann Echols (1854 - 1856),John Percy Echols (1861 - 1881),Mary Caperton Echols (1867 - 1868).

Burial: Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Staunton City, Virginia.

Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. When Virginia seceded from the Union, he was a Virginia State Legislator attorney and was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 27th Virginia. He led his regiment in the First Battle of Bull Run and was in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. In April 1862, he was commissioned a Brigadier General commander of the Army of Southwest Virginia. In June 1863, he served on the court of inquiry to examine the surrender of Vicksburg, Mississippi and led his brigade in the battle at Cold Harbor, November 1863. He took command of the Department of Western Virginia in 1864 and served until he surrendered his corps in Augusta, Georgia at the war‘s end. After the war, he opened a legal practice and was involved in banking and railroads.

Samuel Reuben Robinson.

Samuel Reuben Robinson.

Birth: Nov. 10, 1847, Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.
Death: Dec. 11, 1904, Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

Parents: Reuben Robinson (____ - 1852), ary Sweetser Robinson (____ - 1893).

Wife: Sophia Ellen Hurlin Robinson (1850 - 1938).

Children: Fred W. Robinson (1872 - 1961), Edith May Robinson (1880 - 1880), Carl Howard Robinson (1881 - 1963).

Burial: Maplewood Cemetery, Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire State Records.
18th. Infantry, Co. C.

Robinson, Samuel R. Co. C ; b. Antrim ; age 18 ; res. Antrim, cred. Bennington ; enl. Sept. 5, '64, for 1 yr. ; must, in Sept. '64, as Priv. ; must, out June 10, '65. P. O. ad., Antrim.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Col Alexander Blair Montgomery.

Col Alexander Blair Montgomery.

Birth: May 19, 1831, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia.
Death: Feb. 2, 1904, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia.

Children: Rosa, Josepene, Blair Montgomery.

Burial: Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia.


Montgomery, Alexander B.—Elected 1st Lieutenant, Co. D, 1st Regt. Ga. Regulars Mar. 16, 1861. Appointed to temporary rank of Major Aug. 1, 1862. Elected Major, 3d Regt. Ga. Inf. Aug. 5,1862. Wounded, 2d Manassas, Va. Aug. 28, 1862. Relieved as Major Dec. 23, 1862. Elected Lieut. Colonel May 12, 1863; Colonel May 16, 1863. Assigned to duty as Commandant of prisoners, Charleston, S. C. Sept. 15,1864.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

George W. Brister.

George W. Brister.

Birth: Apr. 9, 1829, Mississippi.
Death: Feb. 18, 1901.

Parents: Martha Ann Hickman Brister (1800 - 1879).

Children: Amanda Elizabeth Brister Brown (1862 - 1933).

Siblings: William T. Hickman Brister (1821 - 1904), George W. Brister (1829 - 1901), Jacob B Brister (1831 - 1887), Rose Ann Brister (1832 - 1843), Allie Emmaline Brister (1833 - 1900), Charity Brister (1837 - 1914), Frances Lavicy Brister Nations (1841 - 1918).

Burial: Patroon Cemetery, Patroon, Shelby County, Texas.

Louisiana State Records.

Brister, G. W., Pvt. Co. G. 25th Regt. La. Infty. En. March 15th, 1862. Lisbon, La. Present on Roll to July, 1862. Rolls from Nov., 1862, to Feb., 1863, Absent. Wounded in Battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 31st, 1862.
Rolls from May. 1863, to Aug., 1863, Absent. Wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 31st, 1862. Left order of Dr. Ware. Roll for Sept. and Oct. 1863, Dropped from the Roll Oct. 1st, 1863. Sent to Hospl. Last heard from in La. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Jan. 5th, 1863. Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Ind.,
delivered at City Point, Va., April 12th, 1863, for exchange.

Friday, May 20, 2016

William Stevenson Geren.

William Stevenson Geren.

Birth: Nov. 28, 1836, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.
Death: Jul. 22, 1921 Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

Parents: Abram Geren (1806 - 1851), Elizabeth Scallorn Geren (1808 - 1896).

Wife: Mary Jane Newton Geren (1844 - 1884).

Children: George Ellis Geren (1868 - 1929), William Edward Geren (1873 - 1928), Ella E Geren Knighton (1875 - 1937), Cora Lee Geren (1877 - 1883), Thomas Jefferson Geren (1881 - 1938).

Siblings: Mildred Geren Youngblood (1831 - 1920), John F Geren (1834 - 1861), William Stevenson Geren (1836 - 1921), James Preston Geren (1841 - 1933), Maryann E Geren (1844 - 1917).

Burial: Gilgal Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

Louisiana State Records.

Geren, William S., Pvt. Corpl. Co. G, 8th La. Inf. En. Aug. 6, 1861, Camp Pickens. Present on Rolls to Dec., 1861. Roll for Dec., 1861, to April, 1862. Present. Re-enlisted and mustered in by Capt. Kary at Camp Gladden. Roll for Feb. to June, 1862, Absent, sick since May 11. Rolls from July, 1862, to Aug., 1863, Present. Roll for Aug.11 to 31, 1863, Present. Apptd. Corpl. Aug. 1,1868. Rolls from Oct. to Dec. 1863, Present. Roll for April to Aug. 31, 1864, Absent. Wounded since June 2, 1864. Record copied from Memorial Hall, New Orleans, La., by the War Dept., Washington, D. C.,
June, 1903, occupation farmer, Res. Minden, La., age -, single. Wounded June 3, near Richmond. Went home on furlough and not returned.