Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Henry Dewitt Clinton.

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Henry Dewitt Clinton.

Birth: 1836 Virginia.
Death: Mar. 10, 1913, Pikesville, Baltimore County, Maryland.

Burial: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland.

He was in the First Virginia Cavalry, Co. K., Private.  I don't know when he was admitted, but in 1894 he was in the Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home, died there in 1913.  He had at lest one son Thomas L. Clinton.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

George Riggs Gaither, Sr.

George Riggs Gaither, Sr.

Birth: 1796.
Death: Sep. 18, 1875.

Parents: Daniel Gaither & Henrietta Riggs.

Wife: Hannah Bradley Gaither (1799 - 1873).

Children: Hannah Bradley Gaither (1824 - 1892), Henrietta B Gaither Stewart (1826 - 1850), George Riggs Gaither Jr. (1831 - 1899), A Bradley Gaither (1833 - 1852).

Author.  He had two other sons; Charles D., John D. Gaither.

Burial: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland.

Confederate Soldiers Home of Maryland.

He was on the Board of Governors, was also a Manager of the home and a Vice President of the home.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Richard Blodgett.

All the information I have on him is military only.

Massachusetts 32nd., Infantry.

Richard N. Blodgett, Massachusetts 32nd., Infantry, Co. C.; private; Residence Sunderland; Age 24; Farmer; Enlisted and mustered in November 12, 1861;Discharged for disability, October 28, 1862.

New Hampshire Sixth, Infantry.

Richard Blodgett, New Hampshire 6th., Infantry, Co. A.; Substitute; Born Massachusetts; Age 26; Credited to Dublin; Enlisted and mustered in May 31, 1864, as Private; wounded April 2, 1865, at Petersburg, Virginia; Discharged for disability, June 17, 1865, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New Hampshire Soldiers Home.

Richard U. Blodgett, Service Co. C., 32nd, Massachusetts Infantry, Rank Private; Months of service 24; Co. A., 6th., New Hampshire Infantry; Rank Private; Months of service 25; Nativity United States; Age 60; Pension $4.; Disability Rheu.; Admitted from Massachusetts; Occupation Farmer; Single; Read & Write Yes; Admitted November 14, 1894; Remarks, Discharged February 7, 1895, upon his request.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Isaac Augustus Grout.

Isaac Augustus Grout.

Birth: 1826..
Death: January 20, 1905.

Wife and Children: Unknown.

Burial: Veterans Memorial Grove Cemetery, Yountville, Napa County, California.

California Soldiers Home.

Isaac A, Grout, Service United State Marine Corps, ; Rank Private; Months of service 48; Nativity Vermont; Age 68; Pension $8.; Disability Rhen; Admitted from California; Occupation Farmer; Widower; Read & Write Yes; Admitted January 11, 1895.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Alvin Armitage.

Alvin Armitage.

Birth: Feb. 8, 1835, Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.
Death: Jun. 5, 1895, Chelsea, Suffolk County, Massachusetts,

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Civil War Veteran, U.S. Navy, USS.Wabash & USS. Minnesota, member of A. W. Bartlett G.A.R.Post#49,Newburyport,Ma.

Connecticut Soldiers Home.

Alvin Armitage, Service U. S. Navy; Rank Seaman; Months of service 36; Nativity Massachusetts; Age 60; Pension $12.; Disability Paral. Bright's Dis.; Admitted from Massachusetts; Occupation Fisherman; Widower; Admitted April 6, 1895; Remarks Dec. January 5, 1895.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hugh Muldoon, Infantry & Navy.

I found Mr. Muldoon very interesting, but it was very had to find any personal information on him.
I well put down on what I think I know but I may be all wrong.  It well be in your best interest and mine if you well, * re-research this information before stating it as fact.

*Hugh Muldoon.

Birth: 1844.
Death: Unknown.

Parents: John & Catherine Muldoon.

Wife: Bridget Brennan Muldoon.
Married abt., 1875.

Children: John Hugh Muldoon.

Burial; Unknown..

Rhode Island Soldiers Home.
Bristol Town, Bristol, R. I.

Hugh Muldoon, Service 9th., R. I., Infantry Co. A.; Rank Private; 12th., R. I. Infantry, Co. H.; Rank Private; U. S. Navy; Rank Ordinary seaman; Months of service 3, 9, 7 and a half; Nativity Pennsylvania; Age 50; Disability Injured Keen; Pension not stated; Admitted from Rhode Island; Occupation Machinist; Married; Read & Write Yes; Admitted November 13, 1894; Discharged June 1, 1895.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Corporal George E. Bingham.

George E. Bingham.

Birth: 1929.
Death: December 22, 1910.

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Rochester, Monroe County, New York.

State Records of New York.

BINGHAM, GEORGE E. Age, 32 years. Enlisted, August 19, 1862, at New York city, to serve three years;mustered in as private, Co. B, September 24, 1862; promoted corporal, no date; transferred to navy, April 30, 1864.

Author.  His ship was the U. S. S. J. P. Jackson.

New York Soldiers & Sailors Home.

George E. Bingham, Service 133rd. New York Infantry, Co. b.; Rank Corporal; U. S. Navy; Rank Landsman; Months of service 35,  Nativity New York; Age 65; Disability Couldn't read; Pension not stated; Admitted from Rochester, New York; Admitted March 23, 1895; Occupation Harness Maker; Married; Read & Write Yes.

Author. Dates he was admitted to the home.  March 23, 1895-December 10, 1895, January 16, 1907-February 8, 1908, June 24, 1909- April 18, 1910.