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African Americans Sold In North Carolina 1777.

Although there will be only first names on these African Americans, their owners names will be given in full, this may help you find a family member from the past.

In the latter part of 1776, several of the people called Quakers residing within the county’s of Perquimons and Pasquotank, in the State of North Carolina liberated their negroes; as it was then clear there was no existing law to prevent their so doing, for the law of 1741, could not, at that time, be carried into effect, and they were suffered to remain free until a law passed in the spring of 1777, under which they were taken up and sold, contrary to the bill of rights recognized in the constitution of the State.

In the spring of 1777, when the General Assembly met for the first time, a law was enacted to prevent slaves from being manumitted, except meritorious service, &c., to be judged by the county courts or the General Assembly; and ordering that, if any shall be manumitted in any manner, they be taken up, and the county courts within whose jurisdiction they are apprehended, order them to be sold.

Note. This information comes from the files of Miscellaneous Vol. 1., which is housed at the library of Congress.

Here is a list of emancipated blacks taken up and sold by order of the county courts of Pasquotank, Perquimons and Chawan in consequence of several acts of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, since the passing of the first act, in the year of 1777.

1. David, emancipated by William Albertson; parted from his wife and children.

2. Abram, by Benjamin and Chalkly Albertson; carried to South Carolina from his wife and children.

3. Joan, by William Albertson.

4. Tom, Jem, Jacob and Harry, by John Anderson.

5. Caesar and Jupiter by Elihu Albertson.

6. Dublin and Cuffee, by Jeremiah Cannon.

7. Candace, by Samuel Charles.

8. Jack, by Isaac Elliott.

9. Pleasant and three children, by James Elliott and wife; carried into the back country.

10. Tom, by William Griffin.

11. Mingo and Juda, by John Haskitt.

12. Rose, By Joseph Jones.

13. Sarah, by Josiah Jordan.

14. Dick, by Isaac Lamb.

15. Candace, by George and Sarah Metcalfe.

16. Anna and child, by Samuel Moore; said child was born after its mother was manumitted.

17. David, by Charles Morgan.

18. Esther and child, Rebekah and children, Joab and Penny, by Aaron Morris Jr.

19. Sam, by Thomas Newby of Pasquotank.

20. Hannah, by Kezia Nixon.

21. Glasgow, Jack, Cudgo, Tom and wife, Susanna, Patience, Hannah, and Priscilla by Thomas Newby of Perquimons; Glasgow and Jack carried a very considerable distance from their wife’s and children; Tom and wife sold from their children.

22. David, Peggy, Priscilla, and Jenny by Robert Newby.

23. Samuel, Anna and Hagar, By Mary Nixon.

24. Francis, by Zachariah Nixon.

25. Charity, Francis, Sarah, Richard, and Pompey, by Thomas Nicholson; Richard carried into the back country from his children.

26. Dill and child, and Jenny, by Nicholas Nicholson; Jenny carried into back country from her children.

27. Rose, by Thomas Newby of Pasquotank.

28. Jonas, by Christopher Nicholson.

29. Bosor, Job, and Hagar, by Charles Overman; Hagar carried to South Carolina from her husband and children.

30. Toby, by Matthew Pritchard.

31. Tamar, and child, by Henry Palin.

32. Hagar, Fanny, and Job, by William Robinson.

33. Dick, by Samuel Smith.

34. Patience, by John Saunders.

35. Dick, Lemuel, Frank, Ruth and child, and Dorcas, by John Smith.

36. Easter, by Jesse Symons.

37. Ephraim and Hagar, by Elizabeth Symons.

38. Aaron, by Joseph Thornton.

39. Judah, by John Trueblood.

40. Sampson and Nero, by Josiah Trueblood.

41. Moses, Charles and Benjamin, by Caleb Trueblood.

42. Sawney, by Aaron Trueblood.

43. Jacob, William, Sibba, and Hagar, by Benjamin White.

44. Cuffee, Hannah, Rose, Jane, Ruth and Candace, by Thomas White.

45. Luck, Zilpha, Nancy, Priscilla and Mingo, by Caleb White.

46. Lyddai, Peter, Robin and Patience, by William White.

47. Cancer, by Margaret White.

48. Ned, Violet, Fanny and Quea, by Josiah White.

49. Rebeka, by Benjamin Winslow.

50. Jane and Rose, by Matthew White.

51. Robin and Dinah, by Jacob Wilson.

52. Dick and Judah, by Lydia White.

53. Dick, by Rachel Williams.

54. Dol, by Caleb Winslow.

55. Nancy, by Jacob Winslow.

56. Rose, by Joshua White.

57. Dinah, by George Walton.

58. Jenny and child, by Matthew White.

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