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Those Who Helped In The Removal Of The Choctaws-1830-1833.

This is a list of Indian agents and Assistants agents and Superintendents who hired other Indians or other men in the help of the removal of the Choctaws. This list is to help you find your ancestor. As there are to many names to put down here I will only list 200, names.

Note . This information comes from The Correspondence on the emigration of Indians, 1831-33. Vol. 1, p. 949-1179.

Lieutenant J. R. Stephenson, Disbursing Agent-Disbursements in the removal and subsistence of choctaws in 2d quarter 1831.

1. Charles Moore-building two log cabins, $60.

2. William Gutery-building a corn.crib, $30.

3. John Rainey-taking charge of public corn-crib, and for a cabin-$33.

4. Wesley Toilet-building two log cabins and repairing two others-$170.

5. Lieut. J. Van Home-2 keel-boats, at 300 dollars each-$600.

6. Henry K. Brown-transporting Indians who were left behind sick-$3.

7. Geo. F. Lawton-For issuing provisions, at 45 dollars per month-$23.22

8. Wrn. K. Stewart-interpreter, at I dollar per day-$8.

9. Peterson W. Loyd- services of self and slave pushing boat, at 1 dollar per day-$10.

10. Jonas L. Beloate-express to Old Miller court-house-$5.

11. William Middleton-erecting store-house for salt and building cabin-$55.

12. Aiharron B. Gholson-building 2 corncribs, at 35 dollars each , salt. House.-$150.

13. William Leflore-hauling a load of corn to stand-$2.

14. Bartholomew Gates-shoeing public horses, &c.-$8.25.

15. Hiram Brinlee-express to Mountain fork depot-$5.50.

16. John Clark-building 2 corn-cribs, a salt-house, and cabin-$125.

17. Wesley Toilet-services of slave Presley as hostler, at 20 dollars per month-$52.90.

18. Charles Johnson-building corn-crib to hold shelled corn-$45.

19. Indian Emigrants-For commutation for transportation, &c., at $10., 633 Indians-$6,333. Note, These Indians were paid after their arrival west ten dollars in money, and were allowed on the road provisions and ferriage.

20. Robert Nails-fencing around the corn-cribs-$10.

21. Edmund McKenney-interpreter, 5 days, at $2 per day-$10.

22. John Henry-Stationery-$11.68

23. A. G. Melton-repairing public corn cribs, at $1 per day-$15.

24. Hiram Vincent-building corn crib-$30.

25. R. M. Barren-repairing dwelling, office, and stable, and wood-$14.

26. Patrick McKinley -as clerk, at 50 dollars per month, 9 months-$450.

27. David Dunkin-services as express 3 days, and fare for himself and horse-$5.75.

28. Josiah S. Doake-subsistence of an interpreter, hauling salt, &c.-$14.75.

29. Carey Black-paper, quills, sand, ink, and wafers-$14.81

30. James W. Dickson-going to Mountain fork, registering and issuing provisions-$8.

31. Jefferson Wallace-making brands for cattle, at 1 dollar per letter-$10.

32. Elijah Carter-For services in issuing beef, two days, at 2 dollars per day-$4.

33. John Hart-For services in taking charge U. S. keel-boat-$16.

34. Benjamin Brashiers-services as interpreter, six days, at $2 per day-$12.

35. Joseph Fisher-estimating the weight of beeves-$4.

George S. Gaines, Superintendent removal and subsistence of Choctaws—Disbursements in the quarter ending 31st of December, 1831.

36. John Everitt-Services as wagonmaster, 15 days, at 3 dollars per day-$45.

37. Pierre Juzan-Work on road, 13 days, at 75 cents per day-$9.75.

38. Pierre Juzan-Plank for coffins, and clothing for suffering Choctaws-$29.46

39. Eastman Lomon-Interpreter, 18 days, at [ dollar 50 cents per day-$27.

40. William Joiner-Medical services, 15 days, at 2 dollars per day, and Medicines furnished Captain 0-. Haskins’s company Choctaws-$41.30.

41. William Doss-Services as wagon-master, 39 days, at 3 dolls, per day-$117.

42. George Haskins-Services as interpreter and assistant, 34 days, at 2 dollars 50 cents per day-$85.

43. George Bush-Ferriage of 345 horses over the Mississippi, at 25 cents each-$86.25.

44. James M. Smith-Ferriage of 59 wagon and carts over the Susachitto river, at 50 cents each. Ditto 600 pack-horses and ponies, at 6* cents each. Ditto 44 of the above wagons, returning, at 50 cents each-$89.

45. David Miller-For 1 days and 5 hours’ charter of steamboat Reindeer, at 225 dolls, per day, in removal of Choctaws-$1,621.87, note Conveyed them from Vicksburg to the Post of Arkansas.

46. R. H. Jeffrey-Passage to Mobile in steamboat Corsair-$12.

47. John Schirn-Making 3 tents, at 3 dollars each-$3.

48. Allen Glover-Ferriage over the Black Warrior river of 13 wagons, at I dollar each, and 1 cart, 50 -$13.50.

49. Samuel Long-2,207 rations, at 6l cents, deducting I doll., short issue-$142.45.

50. George Johnson-Ferriage of 24 wagons over the Tombeckbee, at 1 doll-$24.

51. John H. Cole-Wagon and team, from 27th October to 22d November, 1831, inclusive, at five dollars per day-$135.

52. Green D. Caller-Two wagons and teams from 15th October to 19th November,1831 ,inclusive, at 3 dollars 25 cents each per day. Thirteen days to return, at 4 dollars 50
cents each-$351.

53. Allen C. Yates-Two wagons and teams from 15th October to 19th Novermber,1831,inclusive,at 3 dollars each per (lay, Twelve days to return, at 4 dollars 25 cents each-$318.

54. George Barrett-Two wagons and teams from 10th October to 19th November, 1831, inclusive, at 3 dollars 50 cents per day each. Fourteen (lays to return, at 4 dollars
25 cents each-$406.

55. Wm P. Williams-Wagon and team from 29th October to 19th November, 1831, inclusive, at 3 dollars 50 cents per day. Four days to return, at 4 dollars 75 cents-$96.

56. Thomas Dinson-Wagon and team from 2Sth October to 19th November, 1831, inclusive, at 5 dollars per day. Four days to return, at 4 dollars 75 cents-$134.

57. The following men where paid for the use of their wagons and teams.

Wm A. Lang, Wm. Henderson, Peter Cartwright, Matthew Alexander, S. P. Coaker, J. Alexander, Samuel Dale, Jehu Everitt, Wm. R. Barnes, Enoch Everitt, Thomas Hodges
John H. Hone, Emaubi, Billy, M. Crysty, Ona-Hubbee, Hoshinshamataha, Tanapaaba
Silas Garland, James Gardiner, John Garland, Joel H. Nail, Isaac Gardiner, James Garland, Thomas Greer, Caldwel1 Easter, L. Rogers, John Ratcliffe, J. J. Parker
Isaac Bliss, Eastman Lomon, Moses Perry, Yock Tubbe, Willis Tull, James Mackifee
Jerry Kinney, Davidson Steen, Lewis Lovall, Nathan Robbins, William Joiner, James Vaughan, A. B. Sanders, Thomas Hays, Cornelius Kenney, Cornelius Kenney, Mary Harrison, John Caffrey, Moses Perry, John Ellis, James R. Coates, Matthew Lawrence
John Hays, Wm. Hays, James Carson James W. Gosa, G. H. Vaughan, Joseph Coren
William Brown, William Henry, John S. Maloun, James Coudray, Stephen Stapleton
Robert Landfair, William Benson, Isaac Denson, Robert Cooper, Jacob Herod, N Warren
B. McMullen, T. G. Milton, J. T. Thompson, Jared Walker.

58. W. C. Pistole-455 bushels corn, lii dollars and So cents—a hog and fodder at 12 dollars and 50 cents-$124.

59. W. B. Trahern-Interpreter 31 days, at I dollar and 50 cents per day-$46.50.

60. Samuel Burton-Use of ‘a fresh pumpkin field, for emigrants and pack-horses 862 lbs. of fodder, at 14- cents per lb $32.75.

61. Bartlett McGregor-Carrying Express to Colonel Gaines, 3 packages-$4.

62. Tishyou (Choctaw)-Services as pioneer, 6 days, at 50 cents per day-$3.

63. Middleton Mackey-Interpreter 11 days, at 2 dollars per day-$22.

64. John Griffith-Hire of ferry over Pearl river, H days, at 20 dollars per day-$30.

65. Blanton McAlpin-Board of J. B. Earle 7 days, Col. Ward’s dinner, &c.-$9.

Account of J B. Earle.

66. Joseph B. Earle-Services collecting Indians, 100 days, at 5 dollars
per day, and 3 wagons and teams, 39 days, at 5 dollars per day each Return pay 13 days, at 4 dollars 75 cents per day each, per contract-$685.

67. John Linton-Furnishing four drivers and teams with subsist, and
forage three days, at $1 12 each-13.50.

68. Joseph Bryan-Ferrying twenty-one wagons and teams across Tombigbee, at 50 cents each-$10.50.

69. Silas Bohanan-Interpreter, 5 days, at 50 cents per day$2.50.

Account of Thomas Me Gee.

70. David Folsom-Services collecting Indians 30 days, at $2 per day-$60.

71. Thomas Wall-Assisting to collect Indians 6 days, at $2 per day-$12.

72. Ebenezer Bless-Hauling load of corn to Choctaw camp-$1.50.

73. Levi Pickens-This sum paid Choctaw men for carrying woman with broken arm-$13.

74. Christian Spring,(emigrant,)-Furnishing my family, five in number, with rations, 110, at 6 cents-$7.15.

75. Samuel M. Southerland-Physician forty-seven days, at $4 per day, Medicines, &c. furnished-$191.50.

Nathaniel Norwood, Assistant agent—Disbursements in the removal and subsistence of Indians 4th quarter 1831, Choctaws .—(Accounts rendered by George S. Gaines.)

76. Hoshishihomo-Making tent for use of Choctaws-$.75.

77. Oliver Norred-1 box for coffin-$.75.

78. Gasper Gates-Ferriage 23 wagons and 200 pack-horses-$25.

79. Menifee Kenney-1 quart Madeira wine 75 cents, 1 pints brandy-$1.31.

Dugald Mc.’Alpin, Assistant agent—Disbursements in removal and subsistence of Indians in 4th quarter 1831—Choctaws. —(Accounts rendered by George S. Gaines.)

80. Elahoya-1 steer, (beef)-$8.

81. Lawachubbee-6 bushels and 3 pecks corn-$1.68.

82. Shappahhoomah-Carrying letter from superintendent to Maj. Norwood-$2.

83. John Brown-108 lbs. fodder-$1.o6.

84. Tishoholata-2 beeves-$12.16.

85.Lawachubbee-2 beeves, 747 lbs., at 52 per cwt.-$14.94.

86. Robert Mitchell-Corn and fodder-$24.92.

W. S. Coiquhoun, Assistant and Disbursing agent —Disbursements in the removal and subsistence of Choctaws in 4th quarter 1831.

87. W. S. Coiquhoun-Transportation from Washington to Little Rock-$110.

88. Hiram Davidson-Express Black creek to Colonel Leflore’s district-$2.

89. Elbridge Walker-I old saddle, bridle, and sursingle-$8.

90. Nathaniel Norwood-Hospital stores for emigrants-$75.

91. Samuel Ragsdale-Hire of wagon and team, at $3 50-$97.

Account of Samuel T. Cross.

92. E. C. Hyde-Medicines for Indians-$7.87.

93. R. P. Black-Making coffin for emigrating Choctaw-$2.

94. James Shirley-Wood and medicines for Indians-$4.50.

95. L. Belding-Procuring wagons to remove Indians-$30.

96. J. R. Moore-Gutting a road for use of Indians-$59.62.

97. H. M. Bry-Rent of house for Indians during severe weather-$6.

98. J Davenport-Hire of wagon and team for use of Indians-$15.

99. Dr. H. Homes-Medicines and attendance on Indians-$6.

100. Moses McNutt-4 coffins for Indians-$7.37.

Wharton Rector, Assistant and Disbursing agent Disbursments in removal and subsistence of Choctaws third and fourth quarters 1831, and first quarter 1832.

101. Robert Algor-Making two coffins for Indians-$12., Then 3 more coffins at-$14.

102. .1. R. Morris-Medicine and attendance on Indians-$20.

103. P. M. Tarlton-Two wagon horses, at $70-$140.

104. F. A. McWilliams-Surgical aid to a Choctaw-$5.

105. Matthew Gray-One work ox-$25.

106. Stephen Talkington-500 bushels corn, at 50 cents-$250.

107. James Pitcher-Meal, pork, fodder, currycombs, &c.-$100.20.

Captain J. P. Taylor, Commissary of Subsistence—Disbursements for removal
and subsistence of Choctaws 2d quarter 1831.

108. William Brown-8 ox wagons-$1,000.

109. Mordecai Hart-8 sets harness-$192.

110. Samuel Darkies-2 horse wagons-$220.

111. William Douglass-Transporting, &c., 37 wagons-$31.34.

112. Daniel Stump-6 horse and 2 ox wagons-$1,061.12.

113. John Linton-Trace-chains-$60.37.

Account of Captain I. P. Taylor.

114. Jacob Reinhard-Jack-screws and wagon whips-$28.

Captain J B. Clark, Disbursing agent—Disbursements in removal and subsistence of Choctaws in 2d quarter 1831.

115. Thomas Hogan-Stationery, &c.-$22.62, note, The property purchased was, in every case, subsequently sold, and credited by the agents in their accounts.

116. James Swinney-Repairing augers, chissels, iron wedges, &c.-$3.

117. Vincent B. Tims-6 yoke oxen at 348 dollars, 4 wagon-horses at 310 dollars-$658.

118. Asa Thompson-9 yoke oxen, 522 dollars, 1 yoke oxen, 50 dollars-$572.

119. Benj. F. Howard-5 yoke oxen, 295, 2 wagon horses, 120 dollars-$415.

120. Oliver T. Bentley-4 yoke oxen, 240 , 2 wagon horses 135-$375.

121. John W. Core-4 yoke oxen, 50 each-$200.

122. John Morrison-2 wagon horses, at 62 dollars 50 cents-$125.

123. Robert Brazil-2 yoke of oxen, 50 dollars each-$100.

124. Joseph Williams-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

125. Benj. F. Howard-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

126. Jared C. Martin-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

127. William Collins-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

128. Enos Payne-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

129. J. B. Cranch-1 wagon horse, 75 dollars-$75.

130. Lewis M. Young-1 yoke oxen-$57.50

131. Pratt Collins-1 pair oxen-$50.

132. Jacob Wells- 20 ox bells and collars, at 2 dollars-$40.

133. L, Holding-to yoke oxen, at 56 dollars, 5 wagon horses, at 57 dollars-$865.

134. Abraham Secrest-8 yoke oxen at 4 dollars 664 cents-$140.

135. Samuel S. Hall-1 wagon horse-$65.

136. Sampson Gray-Pasturing 150 oxen, at 12 cents, stabling and meals-$34.25.

137. Burk Johnson-Shoeing 44 United States’ horses, at 1 dollar 664 cts.-$73.33.

138. David Rorer-Boarding 48 teamsters, keeping 80 yoke oxen, and
46 horses, &c.-$292.84.

139. Joseph Henderson-Rent of room, for quarters for Captain Clark-$30, at $6., per month.

Captain J. Brown, Principal Disbursing agent Disbursements in Choctaw removal in the quarter ending 31st December, 1831.

140. F. Berry-Saddle, bridle, martingale and fleam-$$41., and other $200, for 2 horses, 5 years old, at 100 dollars each.

141. P. Schurppenheiser-2 coffins for Choctaws-$12.

142. David Fulton-2 horses, (8 years old,) at 120 dollars-$240.

143. F. Notrihe-1,000 ft. cypress plank, at 4 cents-$40.

144. C. Brumback-Shoeing horses and other smith’s work-$75.68.

146. Fr. D. Holt-Medicines and medical services-$49.52.

147. A. Moore-629 lbs. beef for emigrants, at 4 cents-$25.16.

148. T. Weatherspoon-I horse, (8 years old)-$60.

149. M. B. Winchester-11 blankets-$28.

150. J. Bigsby-Repairing wagon-$11.50.

152. R. Crittenden-Two and a half days’ hauling Indian baggage-$10.

153. N. Pray-Two days’ hauling Indian baggage-$8.

154. L. P. Evans-Services in hauling Indian baggage-$17.57.

155. S. Mullin-per day Hire of self, wagon, and team, at 4 dollars 50 cents per day-$112.50.

156. D. Miller-Repairing boat 7 dollars, 2 coffins for Indians 4 dollars-$11.

157. F. A. McWilliams-Digging banks at Little river ferry-$50.

158. J. Dunlop-Causewaying 8 rods 16 dollars, removing timber 1 dollar-$17.

159. B. Johnson- Shoeing horses, mending wagon, &c., &c.-$148.12.

160. D. Rorer-Ferriages of emigrants, horses, wagons, &c.-$78.

161. K. Dickey-Boarding U. S. teamster, at $2 25 a week-$4.50.

162. H. L. Biscoe-Ferrying five Indians and twelve horses over Mississippi-$8.50.

163. John Martin-Repairing axes, chains, &c.,-$3.25.

164. S. Gray-Making roads and repairing bridges-$275.

165. Charles Caldwell-85 bushels corn, at 50 cents per bushel-$42.50.

166. Emzy Wilson-539 bushels corn, at SO cents per bushel-$269.75.

167. Amos Moore-330 bushels corn, at 50 cents per bushel-$165.

168. Green L. Smith-33 bushels corn, at 50 cents per bushel-$16.87.

169. William K. English-1,400 bushels corn, at 50 cents per bushel-$700.

170. Benjamin Levy-I ream letter paper, quills, sealing wax, &c.-$16.75.

171. Theron Brownfield-221 lbs. beef, at 3 cents per pound-$6.63.

172. John J. Moss-Ferriages of Choctaws and horses across Arkansas-$20.50.

173. Benjamin L. Wardell-Services as teamster, at 20 per month-$23.88.

174. E. W. Owens-Expenses in procuring stray horse-$1.25.

175. Samuel Nixon-Service of wagon and team, at 3 dollars per day-$139.

176. Washington Scott-Service as teamster 2 months 24 days, at 20 dollars per month-$55.50.

177. Charles Caldwell-Keeping public teams 23 weeks and 2 days-$258.

178. Joshua Morrison-Building 3 bridges of 242 feet, 288 feet, and 168 feet in length-$2,117.50.

179. Samuel Bigham-Teamster 51 days, at 1 dollar per day-$51.

180. John McCoull-Service as axeman and teamster t 20 dollars per month-$28.

181. Thomas Witherspoon-Service as teamster, at 20 dollars per month-$36.66.

182. Sutton F, Cottrell-Service as teamster, at 20 dollars per month-$36.66.

183. Samuel Putnam-Service as teamster, at 20 dollars per month-$52.25.

184. W. Parris-Service as teamster, at 20 dollars per month-$34.

185. H. M. McNamar-Taking care of boat, services of two hands, &c.-$38.

186. Lieutenant S. V. R. Ryan-Extra pay as agent in removal and subsistence of Indians, at 1 dollar and 25 cents per day-$113.75.

187. Joseph Henderson-Office rent for superintendent, at 10 dollars per month, &c.-$48.

188. N. B. Clopton-Ferriages of Choctaws, &c.-$10.

189. W. Garrett-23 days’ labor upon military road-$15.33

190. L. Garrett-23 days’ labor upon military road-$15.33

191. P. Collins-Work as saddler-$21.25.

192. W. Harrington-Services as carpenter, 1.5 days-$15.

193. Isaac Corbin-4,704 lbs. fodder, at $1 50 per cwt.-$70.56.

194. George Fletcher-Overseeing laborers repairing road-$40.

195. James Webster-Services 1 day cutting road-$1.

196. Thomas Irwin-Transportation 770 miles, at 10 cents per mile-$77.

197. John T. Fulton-Transportation 453 miles, at 10 cents per mile-$45.30.

198. Joseph H. Brearly-Use of ferry-boat 3 days, at 5 dollars per day-$15.

199. Garland R. Lincicum-Transportation 270 miles, at 10 cents per mile-$27.

200. N. W. Crain-Ferriages of Choctaws, pack-horses, and negroes-$20.41.

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