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Army Register Death List--1824-1832.

While going through the Army Registers I noticed they had a death list, I also noticed that these death list didn’t start being recorded till the year of 1824, that’s not to say there were no death lists, but 1824, was the first year they started being recorded on the Registers.

I have recorded their names here, there will be no family information only military. There is not a lot of information, but you well have a Name, Ranks, and a Date of death. This is important information to have and which you may not have This list is here to help you find those missing pieces. This page will cover the years of 1824-1832.

Note. This information comes from Military Affairs, which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Register of 1824.


James H. Ballard, Rifle Regiment, 1st Lieutenant , to be Captain, 22d April, 1817.
James H. Ballard, 4th, Artillery, Died January 15, 1823.

M. S. Massey, Corps of Artillery, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 5th August, 1817.
M. S. Massey, Fourth Regiment of Artillery, 1st Lieut. , to be Capt. 15th Jan. 1823.
M. S. Massey, 4th, Artillery, Died August 4, 1823.


Horace C. Story, 2d Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, to be 1st Lieutenant, 15th April, 1818.
Horace C. Story, 2d, Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, March 11, 1814.Horace C. Story, 1st, Lieutenant, by Brevet, Corps of Engineers, September, 1814.
Horace C. Story, engineers, Died, July 28, 1823.

Peter Melendy, Jun., New Hampshire Third Lieutenant, 1st Artillery, 1813.
Peter Melendy, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 24th October, 1817.
Peter Melendy, 1st, Lieutenant, 1st artillery, Died, May 15, 1823.

Ethan C. Sickles, 2d, Lieutenant, 4th, artillery, July 1, 1819.
Ethan C. Sickles, 1st, Lieutenant, 4th artillery, Died, October 12, 1823.

W. Malcolm, 1st, Lieutenant, 1st, infantry, June 1, 1822.
W. Malcolm, 1st, Lieutenant, 1st infantry, Died August 7, 1823.

Thomas J. Ayres, 2d, Lieutenant, 1st infantry, Adutant, January 29, 1820.
Thomas J. Ayres, 1st infantry, Died, September 14, 1823.

James B. Allen, Mass. to be 2d Lieut. 3d Infantry, 27 Oct. 1820.
James B. Allen, 1st, Lieutenant, 3d infantry, Died, August 21, 1823.

Horace N. Baker, 1st, Lieutenant, 3d, infantry, Assist. Com, Subsistence, September 3, 1822.
Horace N. Baker, 3d infantry, Died, October 13, 1823.

Gabriel Field, Missouri, to be 2d Lieutenant, Rifle regiment, 24th May, 1817.
Gabriel Field, 2d Lieut. , to be 1st Lieut., Rifle regiment 15th April, 1818.
Gabriel Field, 1st, Lieutenant, 6th infantry, Died, April 16, 1823.

Thomas W. Kavanaugh, 1st, Lieutenant, 6th infantry November 10, 1818.
Thomas W. Kavanaugh, 1st, Lieutenant, 6th infantry, Died, May 29, 1823.

J. Wheelock, 1st, Lieutenant, 7th, infantry, March 19, 1819.
J. Wheelock, 1st, Lieutenant, 7th infantry, Died February 2, 1823.

Assistant Surgeons.

William Stewart, Assistant Surgeon, April 18, 1818.
Willian Stewart, Assistant Surgeon , Died, September , 1823.

Charles Mendenhall, Delaware, Surgeon Mate, 5th Infantry, 10th August, 1818.
Charles Mendenhall, Died, October 15, 1823.

James Cutbush, late Ass. Ap'y General, to be Post Surgeon; 16 May, 1820.
James Cutbush, Assistant Surgeon, Died, December 15, 1823.

Register 1825.


Matthew J. Magee, 42d, Infantry, Captain, Pennsylvania, 1813.
Matthew J. Magee, 5th, Infantry, Died June 29, 1824.

Granville Leftwich, Ensign to 3d, Lieutenant, March 1, 1814.
Granville Leftwich, 3d Lieut. , 2d Lieut. 13th Aug. 1814.
Granville Leftwich, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 30th April, 1817
Granville Leftwich, 1st Lieut. , to be Captain, 15th June, 1819.
Granville Leftwich, 7th, Infantry, Died September 24, 1824.


John Smith, Pennsylvania, 2d Lieutenant, corps of Artillery, 13th Aug. 1819.
John Smith, 2d Lieutenant, 3d, Artillery, Died August 31, 1824.

F. L. Guion, Bvt. 2d Lieut., of the 2d Artillery, to be 2d Lieut., 4th, Artillery, 1st July, 1823.
F. L. Guion, 2d, Lieutenant, 4th, Artillery, Died, April 1824.

Charles Holt, 2d, Lieutenant, 1st, infantry, July 1, 1823.
Charles Holt, 1st, Infantry, Died September 14, 1824.


George A Bibby, paymaster, May 13, 1823, Remarks, Green Bay. Died 1824.

Assistant Surgeons.

Hanson Catlett, assistant surgeon, February 18, 1813.
Hanson Catlett, Died October 21, 1824.

S. H. Littlejohn, assistant surgeon, June 1, 1821.
S. H. Littlejohn, September 8, 1824.

Army Register 1826.


Samuel B. Archer, Virginia, Artillery, Captain, 1812.
Samuel B. Archer, Captain of Artillery, to be Inspector General, 10th November, 1821.
Samuel B. Archer, Capt. 3d Artillery, Brevet Major, to be Inspector General, 1821.
Samuel B. Archer, inspector general, Died, December 11, 1825.

Ninian Pinkney, Maryland, 1st, infantry, 1st, Lieutenant, 1801.
Ninian Pinkney, First Lieutenant , to be promoted to the rank of Captain, December 9, 1807.
Ninian Pinkney, Captain , of the 1st regiment of Infantry, to be Major, January 20, 1813.
Ninian Pinkney, Twenty-second, regiment, Major to, Lt. Colonel, 1814.

Ninian Pinkney, Lt. Col. , of the 2d, to be Col. Sixth Regiment of Infantry
13 May, 1820.
Ninian Pinkney, 3d infantry, Died, December 16, 1825.


William Wilson, Captain, May 3, 1808.
William Wilson, Brevet May 3, 1818.
William Wilson, Major May 8, 1822.
William Wilson, 4th artillery, Died, September 15, 1825.

Richard Whartenby, 1st, Lieutenant, infantry, May 3, 1809.
Richard Whartenby, Fifth Regiment of Infantry, First Lieutenant, to be promoted to Captain, May 3, 1810.
Richard Whartenby, Seventh Regiment of Infantry, to Major, 40th Infantry, May 1, 1814.
Richard Whartenby, 1st infantry, Died, May 14, 1825.


David T. Welch or Welsh, Brevet, June 20, 1814.
David T. Welch or Welsh, Ordnance Department, 1st, Lieutenant, 1816.
David T. Welch or Welsh, Captain, December 1, 1822.
David T. Welch, or Welsh, 3d artillery, Died, August 30, 1825.

George N. Morris, 1st, Lieutenant, Light Artillery, appointed, March 13, 1813.
George N. Morris, Light Artillery, First Lieutenant to be Captain, 15th January, 1817.
George N. Morris, 4th artillery, Died, March 2, 1825.

John R. Bell, promoted to Second Lieutenants in the regiment of Light Artillery, to rank as they stand on the list, 1811.
John R. Bell,, Second Lieutenant, to be First Lieutenant, August 24, 1812.
John Bell, Light Artillery, Lieut., to Captain, 10th October, 1814.
John R. Bell, Captain 4th regiment Artillery, 10th October, 1814, to be Major, by brevet, to rank from 10th October, 1824, for 10 years' faithful service in same grade.
John R. Bell, 4th artillery, Died, April 11, 1825.

Enoch Humphreys, 1st, regiment Lieutenant, A. & E., Rank under new organization, Lieutenant, 1802.
Enoch Humphreys, Captain January 9, 1809.
Enoch Humphreys, Major by Brevet, December 28, 1814.
Enoch Humphreys, 4th artillery, Died, August 1, 1825.

Richard Wash, South Carolina, to be 2d Lieutenant, 7th Infantry, 1818.
Richard Wash, 2d Lt. to be 1st Lt. 30 June, 1820.
Richard Wash, 1st Lieut. to be Captain, 24th Sept, 1824.
Richard Wash, 7th infantry, Died, October 4, 1825.

First Lieutenant.

R. M. Harrison, 3d Lieut., thirteenth regiment infantry, to 2d Lt. 30th June, 1814.
R. M. Harrison, Lieutenant 2d Infantry, to be Assistant Deputy Quarter-master General, 1819.
R. M. Harrison, 2d infantry, Died, February 10, 1825.


J. C. Holland, Cadet to be 2d Lieutenant, 1st July, 1821.
J. C. Holland, 4th artillery, Died, October 10, 1825.

Wm. Rose, 2d, Lieutenant, July 1, 1822.
Wm. Rose, 4th artillery, Died November 22, 1825.

Eph. W. Low, 2d, Lieutenant. July 1, 1824.
Eph. W. Low, 1st infantry, July , 1825, (drowned.)

R. Newman, 7th infantry, Died June 18, 1825.
Found no record of him.


Edward Purcell, late Hospital Surgeon's Mate, May 14, 1813.
Edward Purcell, late Hospital Surgeon's Mate, to be Post Surgeon, 1818.
Edward Purcell, H. S. M. to be Surgeon, 5th Infantry, 21st July, 1818.
Edward Purcell, late Surgeon 5th Infantry, to be Surgeon, 18th June, 1821
Edward Purcell, late Surgeon 5th Infantry, to be Surgeon, Seventh Regiment of Infantry
18th June, 1821
Edward Purcell, Died, January 11, 1825.


William S. Comstock, Asst. Surgeon, October 12, 1820.
William S. Comstock, Died, June 13, 1825.

George W. Maupin, Asst. Surgeon, October 5, 1802.
George W. Maupin, Died, June 18, 1825.

Thomas P. Hall, Surgeon, 36th regiment, Maryland, 1813.
Thomas P. Hall, Md. to be Post Surgeon, 1820.
Thomas P. Hall, Asst. Surgeon, Died, September 21, 1825.

Army Register 1827.


Saunders Donoho, North Carolina., Captain, Artillery, 1812.
Saunders Donoho, Captain 4th Infantry, 6th July, 1812, to be Major by brevet, to rank 6th July, 1822, for ten years' faithful service in same grade.
Saunders Donoho, 4th infantry, Died, July 7, 1826.


Hez. Bradley, Captain, 3d, infantry, April 19, 1814.
Hez. Bradley, Major by Bevet, April 19, 1824.
Hez. Bradley, 3d infantry, Died, March, 1826.


Phineas Andrews, to be Second Lieutenant in the 25th regiment of Infantry, to take rank from the 2d day of July, 1814; appointed, at that time, by order of General Brown.
Phineas Andrews, Connecticut, to be 2d Lieut. 5th Infantry, 27 October, 1820.
Phineas Andrews, Fifth Regiment of Infantry, 2d Lt. , to be 1st Lieut., September 27, 1824.
Phineas Andrews, 5th infantry, Died, October, 1826.

William W. Outlaw, Ser. to be 2d Lieut. 7th Infantry, 4th Dec. 1819.
William W. Outlaw, 2d, Lieutenant, 7th, infantry, February 21, 1819, A. C. S.
William W. Outlaw, 7th infantry, Died, May 26, 1826.


George C. Richards, Cadet to be Bvt. 2d Lieut. 2d regiment of Artillery, 1st July, 1823.
George C. Richards, 4th artillery, Died, 1825.


Joel C. Townsend, 3d artillery, Died, October 1, 1826.
Found no record of him.


Squire Lea, late Surgeon 44th Infantry, Post Surgeon, 15th May, 1818.
Squire Lea, Died, February 5, 1826.


Jeremiah L. Hayden, Died, June 10, 1826.

Army Register 1828.


In 1776, Hindman was a wagon-master.
Jacob Hindman,, Maryland, 2d, Lieutenant infantry, May 3, 1808.
Jacob Hindman, Fifth Regiment of Infantry, Second Lieutenant to be promoted to First Lieutenant, 1811.
Jacob Hindman, Captain, Seventh Regiment of Infantry, 1812.
Jacob Hindman, 2d, regiment infantry, Captain in Colonel, Major, 12th March, 1813.
Jacob Hindman, severally promoted to Majors on the 29th of June, to rank from March 12th, 1813, should be corrected to rank from June 26th; the day he was nominated to the Senate.
Jacob Hindman, 2d artillery, Died, February 17, 1827.


John A. Burd, Pennsylvania, Captain, infantry, 1812.
John A. Burd, Captain, 4th, infantry, Major by Bevet, October 31, 1814.
John A. Burd, Captain, 3d, Artillery, 1823-1827.
John A. Burd, 3d artillery, Died, February 28, 1827.

Benjamin Watson, Rhode Island, Second Lieutenant, 1812.
Benjamin Watson, Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry, (2d Lieutenant) First Lieutenant, 13th March, 1813.
Benjamin Watson, Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry, Captain, 15th August, 1813.
Benjamin Watson, Captain, 6th, infantry, 1816.
Benjamin Watson, Captain, 3d, infantry, 1823-1827.
Benjamin Watson, 3d infantry, Died, October 4, 1827.

William Armstrong, Captain, 6th infantry, July 31, 1818.
William Armstrong, Captain, 6th infantry, 1823-1827.
William Armstrong, 6th infantry, February 11, 1827.
There was another man by the name F. William Armstrong, Captain July 6, 1812, then Captain, Major by Bevet, June 26, 1813, then Captain 7th, infantry, 1816. Could be the same man?, this two man need more research.


David Brooke, 2d infantry, Died May 16, 1827.
Found no records of this man.

Henry Gilbert, Cadet, to be 2d Lieut. corps of Artillery, 1st July, 1819.
Henry Gilbert, 2d Lieut. corps of Artillery, 1819-1827.
Henry Gilbert, 2d artillery, Died, June 26, 1827.

William H, Kerr, Delaware, Cadet, to be 2d Lieut. Corps of Artillery, 27 Oct. 1820.
William H, Kerr, 3d, artillery, 1820-1827.
William H. Kerr, 3d, artillery, January 21, 1827.

Charles G. Smith, Cadet, to be 2d Lieutenant, 1st July, 1822.
Charles G. Smith, 3d artillery-1822-1827.
Charles G. Smith, 3d artillery, September 25, 1827. BREVET SECOND LIEUTENANT.

Samuel H. Ridgely, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieutenant, 1st regiment of Infantry, 1st July, 1826.
Samuel H. Ridgely, 1st infantry, Died, April 3, 1827. SURGEON.

B. Delevan or Delavan, late Surgeon's Mate, 16th Infantry, to be Hospital Surgeon's Mate, 15th April, 1814.
B. Delavan, or Delevan late Hospital Surgeon's Mate, to be Post Surgeon, 1818.
B. Delavan, or Delevan appointed July 1, 1822
B. Delevan, or Delavan, Died, November 26. 1827. ASSISTANT SURGEON.
In the Congress records this man name is spelled two ways; Delevan & Delavan, but on the Army register it’s spelled Delavan till the death list of 1828, where’s it’s spelled Delevan, I believe this to be the same man, but needs more research.

Charles F. Luce, Mass. to be Assistant Surgeon, 22d September, 1823.
Charles F. Luce, Died, September 30, 1827.

Army Register 1830.


Jeremiah Yancey, Virginia, Ensign, infantry, 1808.
Jeremiah Yancey, 3d Lieut. Artillery, to be 2d Lieut., 8th Infantry, August 18, 1817.
Jeremiah Yancey, Eighth Regiment of Infantry, Second Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 1st December, 1818.
Jeremiah Yancey, Fourth Regiment of Infantry, First Lieut. , to be Capt. 31st May, 1825.
Jeremiah Yancey, fourth infantry, Died, January 25, 1829.

John Gantt, Kentucky, to be 2d Lieutenant, Rifle regiment, 24th May, 1817.
John Gantt, Rifle Regiment, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 5th April, 1818.
John Gantt, Sixth Regiment of Infantry, 1st Lieut. , to be Captain, 28th February, 1823.
John. Gantt, sixth infantry, Died, May 12, 1829.


James Spencer, Cadet, to be 3d Lieutenant, corps of Artillery, 17th July, 1817.
James Spencer, Corps of Artillery, 2d Lieut. , to be 1st Lieut., 26th June, 1819.
James Spencer, 2d, Artillery, June 26, 1819.
James Spencer, second artillery, Died, August 16, 1829.

Isaac A. Adams, Corps of Artillery 3d Lieutenant , to be 2d Lieutenant, 29th September, 1817.
Isaac A. Adams, Corps of Artillery, 2d Lieut. , to be 1st Lieut., 31st July 1819.
Isaac A. Adams, 3d, Artillery, July 31, 1819.
Isaac A. Adams, 4th., Artillery, 1824.
Isaac A. Adams, fourth artillery, Died, October 19, 1829.

Samuel W. Hunt, Cadet, to be 2d Lieutenant, 3d Infantry, 1819.
Samuel W. Hunt, 3d, infantry, February 1, 1822.
Samuel W. Hunt, third infantry, Died, September 11, 1829.

John D. Hopson, Cadet , Third Regiment of Infantry, to be 2d Lieutenant, 1st July, 1822.
John D. Hopson, Third Regiment of Infantry ,Second Lt. to be 1st Lt. 23d Sept., 1827.
John D. Hopson, third infantry, Died, February 17, 1829.

Westwood Lacey, 4th, infantry, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 31st of October, 1826.
Westwood A. Lacey, fourth infantry, Died, November 3, 1829.


George C. Clitheralll, Post surgeon, Fort Johnson N. C., April 18, 1818.
George C. Clitheralll, Assistant surgeon, Fort Johnson N. C., June 1, 1821.
George C. Clitheralll, Died, November 10, 1829.


Isaac Roberdeau, Appointed May 3, 1813.
Isaac Roberdeau, Appointed to the Northern Division of the Army, 1816.
Isaac Roberdeau, Topographical Engineer, to be Lieut. Col. by brevet, from 29th April, 1823, having served as a brevet Major, and performed the appropriate duties of that grade for ten years continuously.

Army Register 1831.

James Young, Appointed, May 3, 1813.
James Young, 1st., Lieutenant, 2d infantry, June 30, 1814, Assist. Com. Subsistence.
James Young, Brevet, June 30, 1824.
James Young, Captain, 2, infantry, December 31, 1827.
James Young, 2d infantry, Died, May 26, 1830.

Henry Clark, , 2d, Lieutenant, 5thinfantry, July 1, 1822.
Henry Clark, 1st, Lieutenant, 5th, infantry, August 16, 1828. ,
Henry Clark, 1st, 5th infantry, Died, October 14, 1830.

John B. Pendleton, New York, 2d, Lieutenant 7th, infantry, July 12, 1820.
John B. Pendleton, New York, 1st, Lieutenant, 2d infantry, September 17, 1828.
John B. Pendleton, 1st, Lieutenant, 2d infantry, Died, February 2, 1830.


John G. Furman, Cadet, to be bvt. 2d Lt. of Infantry, 1st July, 1827.
John G. Furman, Brevet 2d Lieut. , to be 2d Lieut. 1st July, 1827.
John G. Furman, 2d, Lieutenant, fifth infantry, Died, August 29, 1830.


Charles May, Cadet to be br. 2d. 1t. 6 Reg't of Inf'y, 1 July, 1829.
Charles May, sixth infantry, Died, January 19, 1830.

James H. Wright, Cadet to be Brevet Second Lieutenant, 6th Regiment of Infantry, 1st July, 1829.
James H. Wright, 6th infantry, Died, September 21, 1830.


John Gale, New Hampshire. Surgeon's Mate, 1812.
John Gale, Surgeon's Mate of the 3d Infantry, to be Surgeon, Rifle regiment, 1818.
John Gale, Surgeon, Council Bluffs, 1823.
John Gale, Died, July 27, 1830.

Army Register 1832.


Jacob A. Dumest, Cadet, to be 2d Lt. corps of Artillery, 1st July, 1819.
Jacob A. Dumest, 2d lt. 2d Regiment of Artillery, 1st July, 1819, to be 1st lt. by brevet, to take rank from 1st July, 1829, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Jacob A. Dumest, 2d artillery, Died, October 10, 1831.

Joseph B. Shaw, Pennsylvania, to be 2d Lieut., 4th Infantry, 12th Nov. 1818.
Joseph B. Shaw, 4th infantry, Died, Match 30, 1831.


Lucian J. Bibb, Cadet, to be bvt. 2d Lt. of Artillery, 1st July, 1827.
Lucian J. Bibb, Brevet 2d Lieut., to be 2d Lieut. 1st July, 1827.
Lucian J. Bibb, 1st artillery, Died, September 7, 1831.

Frederick Thomas, of Massachusetts, to be 2d Lieut. of Marines, from 1st July, 1825.
Frederick Thomas, (late Cadet) 2d Lieut of Marines, transferred to the 7th regiment of Infantry, to rank from 2d July, 1825.
Frederick Thomas, 7th infantry, Died, May 27, 1831.

Thomas C. Brockway, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieut. of lnfantry, 1st July, 1828.
Thomas C. Brockway, 7th infantry, Died. September 28, 1831.


John W. Murray , Cadet to be br. 2d lt. 7th Reg't of Inf'y, 1st July, 1830.
John W. Murray, 7th infantry, Died, February 14, 1831.


Thomas Biddle, Paymaster, term of service expires 7th August, 1824.
Thomas Biddle, Died, August 29, 1831.


William H. Nicoll, S, Mate 6th Infantry, to be Post Surgeon., 1819 or 1820.
William H. Nicoll, asst. surgeon, to be surgeon, 28th July, 1830
William. H. Nicoll, Died, March 5, 1831.

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