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Henry S. Rennolds Asst. Surgeon & Surgeon.

In the last few days I had the pleasure to work with a woman from New York, who found this information very helpful and so as not to loss it I decided to place it here in the hope that it will help others that may be looking into this family.


Henry S. Rennolds, enlisted on Feb. 28, 1833, and was commissioned that day as a Asst. Surgeon, and was station to the U. S. Schooner Dolphin which was station in the Pacific. The Dolphin was build in Philadelphia, she sailed in 1821, carrying 12, guns and was commission to the Pacific. By the time Henry entered the navy in 1833, the Dolphin in navy time was a old ship, to old to cross the Pacific to the U. S. then back again, so was ordered to stay in the Pacific. Henry would leave the U. S. by other ship ( Name unknown ) and met up with his ship some where in the Pacific. The Dolphin was the first ship to Visit the Islands of Hawaii in 1821 and would make many trips there.

When Henry S. Rennolds, left medical school he was not a full surgeon but a intern, and was commission as a Asst. Surgeon when he entered the service, after a few years of servicing under the head surgeon and pass all tests he would be recorded as a Passed Asst. Surgeon. As to how long he would have stayed a passed asst. surgeon I couldn’t find out, but was commission to full surgeon on Sept. 8, 1841, as to where he may have been station I can’t tell you as my navy register only goes to 1836.

As to the Dolphin been in any battle I couldn’t find out although her duty of patrol was to help other ships in trouble hunt down men that jumped ships and c&. On May 27,1834, The ( Isabella ) wreck and the Dolphin took 36, survivors to Miramichi, Henry would have been on the Dolphin at that time. Henry was on the Dolphin that I know of from 1833 to 1836, some time in 1836, he would leave the ship and return on leave, did he return to the U. S. I don’t know but I do know that since he had been at sea for six years his leave would have been between two to three years. He could have stop at Hawaii on his way home or back if he was again station to the Dolphin? Henry would retire on May 29, 1861, and died six years later.

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Saint Charles Borromeo Cemetery
Baltimore County, Maryland

Rennolds, Henry S., b. 22 Jul 1806 in Essex Co., VA, d. 12 Sep 1867, surgeon U.S. Navy

Rennolds, Mary H., b. 18 Aug 1836 in Dorchester Co MD, d. 30 Dec 1916 in Hyattsville, MD. Beloved wife of the late Henry S. Rennolds, surgeon U.S. Navy.

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