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Rebel Cruisers In & Out Of England.

This page is on the Rebel cruisers in and out of England. The Confederate Navy, agents would go through out England and other countries looking for ships and supplies and after the ships were refitted they would head back to the United States and try to run the blockades to supply there army. A lot of this work was done in secret and the British Government had for the most part a blind eye on the movements on the Rebel’s. It was only when there was money to be made did the British Government show any action, or the reminder of the friendly relations they had with the United States.

The following names are of those who were in the know about the movements of the rebel’s and would give statements on what they saw and know. Then there are many names of men that were of the crew of the Rebel ships Alabama and the Shenandoah, and men that were taken prisoner off other ships by these rebel ships. As many of this statements are long and there will be many names, I will list only their name and what they did for a living along with the page number.

Those of you who find a ancestor can write to me along with his or her name and page number and I will send you his or her statement. My Address can be found in my profile.

Note. This information comes from the report on Rebel Cruisers No. 1396, Volume 3., which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Note. More then half of the men listed here are British Subjects.

Rebel Cruisers.

1. Thomas H. Dudley, U. S. Consul for Liverpool, p. 21.

2. Matthew Maguire, Agent, Liverpool, p.23.

3. Allen Stanley Clare, Clerk, p.23.

4. Henry Wilding, Agent, Liverpool, p.24.

5. William Passmore, Marine, Seamen, p.25.

6. Robert John Taylor, Native of London now of the United States, p.27.

7. Henry Redden, Seamen, p. 32 & 45.

8. George King, Secret expedition, p.50.

9. Samuel H. Doane, Late Master, p.74.

10. George W. Lance, Late First mate, p. 75.

11. Elijah Johnson, Boat-steerer, p.76.

12. Theodore Julius, Master, p.76.

13. John E. Harmon, Master, p.77.

14. Samuel B. Johnson, Master, p.80.

15. Nathan Parker Simes, Master,p.81.

16. Clarence Randolph Yonge, Paymatser, p.145.

Here is the full roster of the Alabama also known as boat 290 and the Eureka, as it stood on March of 1862.

Officers and crew of the steamer Alabama.

1.Raphael Semmes, commander.

2. J. M. Kell, first lieutenant.

3. Richard F. Armstrong, second lieutenant.

4. Joseph Wilson, third lieutenant.

5. John Low, fourth lieutenant, Englishman. Sisters living in Liverpool Made his allotments payable to brother-un-law, Charles Green, jr. Fraser, Trenholin & Co. pay the men all the allotments; that is, the half monthly pay. Every month they draw this allotment.

6. Arthur Sinclair, master; that is, sailing master.

7 Francis L. Galt, surgeon, from Virginia; now acting as paymaster.

8. Miles J. Freeman, first assistant engineer, ranks as chief; born in Wales Does not know whether naturalized.

9. David Herbert Llewellyn, assistant surgeon, Englishman.

10. B. K. Howell, brother-in-law of Jeff: Davis, lieutenant of marines. No marines on board.

11. William U. Sinclair, midshipman.

12. Irvine S. Bullock, midshipman; Captain Bullock’s brother.

13. Eugene Maffit, midshipman; Captain Maffit’s son.

14. Edward Maffit Anderson, midshipman; son of Colonel Anderson.

15. William P. Brooks, second assistant engineer.

16. S. W. Cummings, third assistant engineer.

17. Matthew O’Brien, third assistant engineer.

18. John H. Pundt, third assistant engineer.

19. George T. Fullam, first master’s mate, Englishman. Father teaches navigation school in Hull.

20. James Evans, second master’s mate, Charleston pilot.

21. William B. Smith, captain’s clerk.

22. Benjamin L. McClaskey, Boatswain.

23. T. C. Cuddy, gunner.

24. William Robinson, carpenter.

25. Henry Allcott, sailmaker, Englishman.

Petty officers and seamen.

26. James King, master-at-arms, Savannah pilot.

27. Adolphus Marmelstein, signal quartermaster, Savannah pilot.

28. William A. King, quartermaster, Savannah pilot.

29. James G. Dent, quartermaster,. Savannah pilot.

30. William Forestall, quartermaster.

31. Ralph Masters, quarter gunner.

32. William Crawford, quarter gunner; royal naval reserve of England.

33. George Addison, Armorer.

34. Edward Rawes, ship’s carpenter, Englishman.

35. George Harwood, chief boatswain’s mate; English reserve. English government pay him a pension. Time up February 24, 1863, (as he states.)

36. Michael Genshled, fireman. Has a pension in England, (has been discharged November 25, 1862;) Irishman.

37. Brent Johnson, second boatswain’s mate; English reserve.

38. William Purdy, sailmaker’s mate, Englishman.

39. John Latham, fireman, Englishman.

40. David Roach, fireman, Englishman.

41. Thomas Murphy, fireman, Englishman.

42. John McAlee, ordinary seaman, Englishman.

43. Thomas Welch, ordinary seaman, Englishman.

44. James Smith, captain forecastle, Englishman.

45. Edward Fitz-Morris, ordinary seaman, Englishman.

46. George Edgarton, fireman, Englishman; lives at Liverpool.

47. James McFaden, fireman, Englishman; time up February 24, 1863.

48. William Robinson, able seaman, Englishman.

49. Martin Malk, able seaman, Englishman.

50. George Yoman, ordinary seaman, Englishman.

51. William McGinley, able seaman, Englishman.

52. George Freemantle, able seaman, Englishman.

53. Frederick Johns, purser’s steward, Englishman; father lives at Ostend.

54. John Grady, boy, Englishman; uncle lives at 36 Regent street, Liverpool, bootmaker.

55. Thomas Wier, gunner’s mate, Englishman.

56. James Brosner, able seaman, Englishman.

57. Edgar Tripp, seaman, Englishman.

58. John Neil, seaman, Englishman.

59. Joseph Neil, seaman, Englishman.

60. Samuel Henry, seaman, Englishman.

61. John Roberts, seaman, Englishman.

62. John Duggan, seaman, Englishman.

63. Martin King, seaman, Englishman.

64. F. Williams, seaman, Englishman.

65. R. Williams, seaman, Englishman.

66. Joseph Pearson, seaman, Englishman.

67. Joseph Connor, seaman, Englishman.

68. Thomas McMillan, seaman, Englishman.

69. Michael Mars, seaman, Englishman.

70. Robert Egan, boy, Englishman.

71. Malcolm McFarlan, seaman, Englishman.

72. Peter Henry, seaman, Englishman.

73. Charles Godwin, seaman, American.

74. James Higgs, captain of hold, Englishman.

75. Peter Duncan, fireman, Englishman.

76. Richard Parkinson, ward-room steward, Englishman.

77. George Appleby, yeoman, Englishman.

78. John Emory, seaman, Englishman.

79. William Hearn, seaman, Englishman.

80. Thomas L. Parker, boy, Englishman.

81. A. G. Bartelli, captain’s steward, American.

82. Peter Hughes, seaman, American.

83. Henry Fisher, seaman, Englishman; belonging to reserve.

84. Frank Townsend, seaman, Englishman.

85. Frank Cunen, fireman, Irishman.

86. William Levins, coal-trimmer.

17. James Robertson, Cook, p.170.

18. John Schofield, Late first officer, p.171.

19. Charles P. Weaver, Master mariner, p.182.

20. John Latham, Engineer, p.211.

21. Martha Latham, of Swansea, p. 216.

22. Thomas Winstinley, Cousin of John Latham, p.218.

23. James Murison, Merchant,p.279.

24. Henry Adams, Mariner, p.284 & 287.

25.Brent Johnson, Mariner, , p.301

26. John Ellison, Able seaman, p.358.

27. John Allan, Able seaman, p.358.

28. John Jackson, Fireman, p.360.

29. William, Smith, Able seaman, p.361.

30. John Fisher, Able seaman, p.361.

31. William Harris Able seaman, p.363.

32. James Schutcher, Able seaman, p.365.

33. Thomas Gibson, Fireman, p.366.

34. William Young, Fireman, p.367.

35. Lillias L. Nichols, Master, p.399.

36. William Bruce, Cook, Steward, p.399.

37. John H. Colby, Citizen, p.402.

38. George Silvester, Able seaman, p. 404.

40. Edward S. Jones, Chief, p.406.

41. James Ford, Seaman, p.407.

42. George R. Brackett, Able seaman, p.409.

43. Charles Bolin, citizen, p.410.

44. John Sandall, Citizen, p.411.

45. William Scott, Carpenter, p.411.

46. Frederick Lindborg, Seaman, p.412.

47. Lillias Lewene Nichols, wife of William Green Nichols, p.412.

48. John Williams, Citizen, p.415.

49. Walter J. Madden, Captain of the hole, .417.

50. Thomas Jackson, Able seaman, p.417.

51. Hermann Wicke, Boy, p.420.

52. F. C. Behucke, Seaman, p.422.

53. Andrew Forbes, p.427

54. Edward P. Nichols, Mate, p.442.

55. Edward T. Lingo, Steward, p.443.

56. Mary Lingo, wife of Edward T. Lingo, Stewardess, p. 443.

57. Margaret Marshall, wife of David Marshall, Seaman, p.491.

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