Monday, August 03, 2009

Kansas Towns I Knew.

Although I was raised in Topeka Kansas I would spend a lot of my time between my dads family farm at Scranton Kansas or his sister family farm outside Overbrook Kansas. Every summer I would spend my school vacation on these two farms having fun, well most of the time for there was work to be done as well. Now on by dads farm it was mostly fun and games and trying to stay out of trouble, I was always being chased out of the hay loft or out of the blacksmith shop, which by then was just called the tool shed. Now on my dads sisters farm it was a different matter my uncle believed the farm was for work and not for a vacation stay, if you were going to eat his food you had to work for it. Now don’t get me wrong although the work was hard, there was always time for fun and games. My uncle like to hunt and fish, and when it rained and the fields were to wet to go into we go fishing and in the winters we go hunting. I would spend most of my time on his farm. They did most of their shopping in Overbrook as they only lived 4, miles from town. But there would be many side trips to Scranton, Burlingame, Carbondale, Osage City, Lyndon and of course Overbrook.

The other day I ran across some old historical pictures of the towns I knew as a young man, although there way before my time I enjoyed looking at them, and I thought you might as well.

Scranton Kansas.

Burlingame Kansas.


Carbondale Kansas.

This is looking south on U. S 75., the building in the center across the hi-way is where as a young boy we would by fish bait, then in later life my wife and I would come down from Topeka for a cold beer.

Now I don't know when this pictures was taken but it looks the same as it did in the 1950's, as a young boy I play around the old Santa Fe depot as my Aunt ran the telegraph.


Lyndon Kansas.


Overbrook Kansas.

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