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Ordinance and Stores OF The Army 1793--1825

This page is for the serious military researcher, but even the less serious researcher may find this very interesting. This page tells about what is stored in one army warehouse, and goes on to tell what the army was wearing and the cost. I tell what they ate, and in the end I will take you through all the steps it takes to make a musket.

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Returns of Ordinance and Military Stores deposited at Springfield, Massachusetts.

Brass Ordnance.

6 Pounders-----56.
3 Pounders-----10.


8 inch-----2.
8 inch unfinished---1.
5 and a half inch-----9.
5 and a half inch unfinished---1.
4 and a half inch cohorn and bed,---1.
Iron beds for 13 inch mortars,---4.

Traveling Carriages.

4 Pounders long,---5.
6 Pounders short,---28.
6 and a half inch howitzers, French,---2.

AMMUNITION, Shot Strapt.

9 Pounders---259.
6 Pounders---182.
4 Pounders---1,244.
3 Pounders---457.

Canisters Filled.

12 Pounders---344.
9 Pounders---449.
6 Pounders---368.
4 Pounders---554.
3 Pounders---683.

Quilted Grape.

9 Pounders---18.
4 Pounders---44.

Iron Shot.

24 Pounders---2,159.
18 Pounders---3,535.
6 Pounders---300.
4 Pounders---3,500.
3 Pounders---1,045.


8 inch---4,985.
5 and a half inch---5,829.


Half Barrels---22.
Musket cartridges---74,799.

Musket Ball.

Boxes, 100 lb. each---161.
Boxes 1 lb. ball---37.
Boxes grape shot, 2, 3, and 4 ounces---153.
Lead 211 bars---lb. 20,268.


24 Pounders---369.
12 Pounders---993.
9 Pounders---180.
6 Pounders---946.
4 Pounders---6,150.
3 Pounders---2,400.


24 Pounders---477.
12 Pounders---355.
6 Pounders---146.
4 Pounders---1.644.
3 Pounders---920.

Paper Cartridges.

18 Pounders---726.
12 Pounders---727.
6 Poundres---100.
4 Pounders---70.
3 Poundres---80.

Fuses Filled.

13 inch---2,171.
10 inch---978.
5 and a half inch---1,487.

Muskets, &c.

New French arms---6,678.
Old French arms---55.


Brass hilted---406.
Marine cutlasses---110.

Military Stores.

Ammunition wagons---2.
Ammunition Boxes---267.
Worms, of sorts---16.
Trail and common handspikes---186.
Kegs yellow paint, ground in oil---3.
Cask Spanish brown---1.
Cask red lead-1.
Gun worms---3,529.
Sword belt---1.
Bayonet belts---21.
Iron bottoms for grape---344.
Yards duck---8.
Bullet pouches, old---369.
Carbine rods, chests---2.
Gun, rods, chests---6.
Scales and weights, pairs---2.
Scales, without beams---1.
Tin end pieces for cartridge boxes---1,370.
Tin cases for cartridge boxes---298.
Cartridge boxes and belts---271.
Chests of cannon cartridge paper---7.
Tube boxes---38.
Fire hook, one---wt. lb. 80.
Turners’ tools, sets---1.
Beds for 13.inch mortars, unfinished---6.
Rammer heads, of sorts---161.
Sponges, for 4 pounders---29.
Portfire stocks---14.
Laboratory chests---1.
Tompions for 4 pounders---45.
Worms and ladles---6.
Rope, 3and a half inch, fathoms---10.
Copper hoops---lbs. 187.
Saitpetre, barrels---2 and a half.
Empty tubes---4,381.
Fuses, 13 inch, not fixed---1,184.
Copper ladles, sorts---48.
Emery, pounds---11.
Tin lanterns---5.
Buckles for pouches---649.
Clasps for pouches---73.
Fronts for pouches ---20.
Hooks for pouches---34.
Wheels for 4 pounders---28.
Wheels for 3 pounders---5.
Wheels for wagons---12.
Wheels for traveling forges---4.
Wheels partly made---9.
Carriage cheeks in the rough---47.
Wagon tops---2.
Wagon boxes---20.
Slowmatch, hhds.---2.
Chests of iron gun mounting--7
Cask tin---1.
Empty cases for 6 pounders---180.
Empty cases for 4 pounders---136.
Copper and laboratory kettles---1.
Large screws---3.
Large screw plates---3.
Brass gun mounting---169.
Brimstone, pounds---300.
Portfires, dozen---70.
Portfire moulds and drifts---1.
Gun locks, old---250.
Iron hooks and thimbles---14.
Iron chains---5.
Gun slings---21.
Drum sticks---1.
Iron stoves---2.
Iron pots---7.


Blacksmith’s bellows---1.
Beck irons---1.
Boring mill---1.
Limbers framed, not ironed---5.
Armorer’s tools, set---1.
Bench vices---5.

Damaged Stores.

Old cartridge boxes---12.
Jockey caps---20.
Powder, barrel---1.
Old. camp kettles---7.
Arm chests---67.
Armorer’s shop---1.
Blacksmith’s shop---1.
Harness maker’s shop---1.
Coal house---1.
Traveling forge unfinished---1.
Backs for traveling forges---14.

Note. I also have the return of the ordnance arms and stores for the following. If you would like a list just let me know, the year is 1793.

Harper’s Ferry.
West point.
Fort Rensselaer.
New London.
Fort Washington.
Fort Clair.
Fort Jefferson.
Fort Franklin.

Army Clothing and Food for 1790.


Each non-commissioned officer and soldier is allowed, annually, one suit of uniform clothes, as follows:

One coat.
One vest.
Two pairs woolen overalls.
Two pairs linen overalls.
One Hat.
Four shirts.
Four pairs of shoes.
Four pair of socks.
One stock.
One stock clasp.
One pair shoe buckles.
One blanket.


One pound of bread or flour.
One pound of beef or three-fourths of pork.
One gill of common rum.

To every 100 rations.
One quart salt.
Two quarts vinegar.
Two pounds of soap.
Two pounds of candles.

Clothing of the Military of 1813.

Clothing for the old Artillery.

One Hat…$1.
One coat…$6.64 and three-fourths.
Two pair overalls line $.92 and a half cents each.
One frock…..$1.57 and a half each.
Trousers….$1.15, each.
Gaiters…$.28 and three fourths cents each.
Four Shirts…..$1.42, cents each.
Stock and cockade….$8.43.
Eagle plume $.15 cents.

Dragoons clothing.

Coat….$5.96 and three fourths.
Two pair overalls line…..$.92 and a half, each
Two pair overalls woolen….$2.77 and three fourths, each.
Frock…..$1.57 and a half cents each.
Trousers….$1.15, each.
Gaiters…$.28 and three fourths cents each.
Four Shirts…..$1.42, cents each.
Stock and cockade….$8.43.
Eagle plume, say father $.15 cents.
One pair boots….$6.00.

Light Artillery clothing.

Coat….$5.96 and three fourths.
Two pair overalls line…..$.92 and a half, each
Two pair overalls woolen….$2.77 and three fourths, each.
Frock…..$1.57 and a half cents each.
Trousers….$1.15, each.
Gaiters…$.28 and three fourths cents each.
Four Shirts…..$1.42, cents each.
Stock and cockade….$8.43.
Eagle plume…. $.35 cents.

Rifle clothing.

Coat….$6.21 and three fourths.
Two green overalls, fringed…$2.77 and one fourth, each.
Two pair overalls woolen…$2.77 and one fourth, each.
Four Shirts…..$1.42, cents each.
Stock and cockade….$8.43.
Eagle plume say father… $.35 cents.
Rifle flock…..$5.68.

A list of the various operations in the manufacture of a musket, as now practised at the United States armory, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1825.

The barrel.

Cutting scalps, by water.
Drawing scalps, by water.
Rolling scalps, by water.
Welding barrel, by water.
Nut boring barrel, by water.
Counter boring barrel, by water
Smooth boring barrel, by water.
Turning barrel, by water.
Milling barrel, by water.
Drawing barrel, by water.
Breeching barrel, manual.
Proving barrel, manual.
Filing barrel, manual.
Studding barrel, manual;
Straightening barrel, manual.
Finish boring barrel, by water.
Drilling vents barrel, by water.
Polishing barrel, by water.
Browning barrel, manual.
Forging breech-pin, manual.
Milling breech-pin, by’ water.
Cutting screw-pin, manual.
Filing screw-pin, manual.


Forging bayonets, manual.
Tempering bayonets, manual.
Boring bayonet socket, by water:
Turning bayonet socket, by water.
Milling bayonet socket, by water.
Grinding bayonet blades, by water.
Grinding flutes, by water.
Cutting and fitting socket, manual.
Polishing bayonet, by water.
Browning bayonet, manual.


Drawing ramrods, by water.
Rounding ramrods, by water.
Heading ramrods, manual.
Tempering ramrods, manual.
Straightening ramrods, manual.
Grinding ramrods, by water.
Polishing ramrods, by water.
Cutting screw, manual.


Cutting upper band, water.
Welding upper band, manual.
Drilling upper band, water.
Sighting upper band, manual.
Filing upper band, manual.
Grinding upper band, water.
Polishing upper band, water.
Browning upper band, manual.

Middle bands.

Forging middle bands, manual.
Trimming middle bands, water.
Filing middle bands, manual.
Grinding middle bands, water.
Riveting swivel to middle band, manual.
Polishing swivel, water.
Browning swivel, manual.

Lower band.

Cutting lower band, water. Welding lower band, manual.
Filing lower band, manual.
Grinding lower band water.
Polishing lower band, water.
Browning lower band, manual.


Forging swivels, manual.
Trimming swivels, manual.
Punching swivels, manual.
Filing swivels, manual.
Turning swivels, water.
Polishing swivels, water.
Browning swivels, manual.


Forging guard plates, manual.
Trimming guard plates, water.
Filing guard plates, manual.
Drilling guard plates, water.
Countersinking guard plates, water.
Forging guard bows, manual.
Milling guard bows, water.
Filing guard’bows, manual.
Riveting guard bows, manual.
Grinding gaard, water.
Polishing guard, water.
Browning guard, manual.


Forging trigger, manual.
Trimming trigger, water.
Filing trigger, manual.
Polishing trigger, water.
Hardening trigger, manual.

Side plates.

Cutting side plates, water.
Filing side plates, manual.
Punching side plates, water.
Grinding side plates, water.
Polishing side plates, water.
Browning side plates, manual.

Band springs.

Forging band springs, manual.
fluting band springs, water.
Filing band springs, manual.
Polishing band springs, water.
Browning band springs, manual.

Breech plate.

Forging breech plate, manual.
Trimming breech plate, water.
Punching breech plate, water.
Countersinking breech plate, water.
Filing breech plate, manual.
Grinding breech plate, water.
Polishing breech plate, water.
Browning breech plate, manual.

Side strews.

Forging side screws, manual.
Turning heads side screws, water.
Slitting heads side screws, water.
Milling side screws, water.
Cutting screws, manual.
Hardening screws, manual.


Forging tang-pin, manual.
Slitting tang-pin, water.
Milling tang-pin, water.
Cutting screw tang-pin, manual.
Hardening screw tang-pin, manual.

Breech plate screws.

Forging breech plate screws, manual.
Slitting breech plate screws, water.
Milling breech plate screws, water.
Cutting screw breech plate, manual.
Hardening screw breech plate, manual.

Guard screws.

Forging guard screws, manual.
Slitting guard screws, water.
Milling guard screws, water.
Cutting guard screws, manual.
Hardening guard screws, manual.

Lock plate.

Forging lock plate, manual.
Grinding lock plate, water.
Drilling lock plate, water.
Trimming lock plate, water.
Filing lock plate, manual.


Forging hammer, manual.
Trimming hammer, water.
Drilling hammer, water.
Filing hammer, manual.

Brass pans.

Casting pans, manual.
Boring pans, water.
Filing pans, manual.
Fitting pans, manual.


Forging cock, manual.
Trimming cock, water.
Drilling cock, water.
Punching cock, water.
Filing cock, manual.


Forging tumbler, manual.
Milling tumbler, water.
Drilling tumbler, water.
Filing tumbler, manual.


Forging bridles, manual
Drilling bridles, water.
Milling bridles, water.
Filing bridles, manual.


Forging seers, manual.
Drilling seers, water.
Filing seers, manual.

Upper jaws.

Forging upper jaws, manual.
Trimming upper jaws, water.
Drilling upper jaws, water.
Filing upper jaws, manual.


Forging cock-pin, manual.
Milling cock-pin, water.
Slitting cock-pin, water.
Drilling cock-pin, water.
Cutting screw, water.


For set lock-pins, manual.
Slit set lock—pins, water.
Milling set lock-pins, water.
Cutting screw lock-pins, manual.
Polishing lock, water.
Hardening lock, manual.

Main spring.

Forging main spring, manual.
Drilling main spring, water.
Turning main spring, manual.
Tempering main spring, manual.
Filing main spring, manual.

Hammer spring.

Forging hammer spring, manual.
Drilling hammer spring, water.
Filing hammer spring, manual.
Turning hammer spring, manual.
Tempering hammer spring, manual.

Seer spring.

Forging seer spring, manual.
Drilling seer spring, water.
Filing seer spring, manual.
Turning seer spring, manual.
Tempering seer spring, manual.

Stocking musket.

Turning stock, water.
Boring for barrel, water.
Setting in the lock, water.
Fitting on the bands, water.
Fitting to the heel plate, water.
Finish stocking musket, manual.
Finishing musket, manual.
Drawing iron, water.
Drawing steel, water.

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