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Land Claims Across The United States.

Here is a list of men and women? Who are claiming land. These names come from all over the United States. Although there is little or no family information in the reports. However the reports give a interesting insight on what was happening to them at this time in history and would be worth adding to your family history. I will give a example on the kind of information you may receive.

This information comes from, Public Land Volume 8., 1835-1838., which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Important note. If you find a name of interests and would like a report, please give the title of this page and the name and page No., for without it I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.


John Jeffers, Alabama.

That the petitioner represents, that, in the year 1830, not long before the day on which lands sold under the credit system and not paid for became forfeited, by the act of Congress provided in such cases, he purchased from one Dixon Stanback, as the administrator, of Stephen Heard, deceased, a certificated of further credit, for the northwest quarter of section twenty-eight, township six, range two, west, of the lands sold at the Huntsville land district, in Alabama; that he paid to said administrator a full consideration in cash for said certificate, and said administrator duly assigned it over. Petitioner states further, that alter said assignment, he applied to the register and receiver of said, land office, to pay the balance due by the terms of purchase for said land, but that said register and receiver refused to receive it, on the grounds that the transfer had not been made to petitioner in conformity with the provisions of the law of Alabama, regulating the sale of real estate of deceased persons; that the purchase of this certificate was made so lately before the day of forfeiture, that the time was not sufficient to observe the forms required to effect a legal transfer. Petitioner also states, that the land became forfeited, and was afterward sold by the government. He also asserts, that the full consideration paid by him to said administrator, was accounted for by him in his settlement of the estate of Heard; and that the widow and heirs of Heard have all removed out of the United States. Petitioner also sets forth, that he applied at the land office at Huntsville after said land became forfeited and was sold, to procure scrip, to the amount actually paid on the said tract of land, under the provisions of the act of Congress in such cases provided; but that this was also refused on the same grounds.

Under this state of facts, of the truth of which your committee are sufficiently satisfied, they believe the petitioner was prevented, without any fault of his own, from availing himself, not only of the benefits of the original contract for the said land, but also of the advantages granted to the legal holders of forfeited certificates, to the amount paid thereon; that he comes within the reason and spirit of the law, and has been only deprived of the benefits by a want of some formalities in the transfer of the certificate. They therefore report a bill for his relief.


1. Lewis Durett ...p. 429.
2. Poas Hadgo ...p. 581.
3. Joel Chandler ...p. 586.
4. Etienne La Lande ...p. 589.
5. James Innerarity ...p. 888.
6. Jas. A. Williams ...p. 910.
7. John Hollinsworth ...p. 912.
8. Wm. Jas. Aarons ...p. 912
9. Samuel Smith ..p.. 924.
10. E. Moreland, W. M. Kennedy, R. J. Kennedy, and Mason E. Lewis ...p. 931.


1. T. P. Eskridge and A. Fisk. ...p. 329.
2. Mary Tucker ...p. 426.
3. C. de Villemont ...p. 543.

Bounty land.

1. Simon Wright, New York ...p. 428.
2. W. C. Hazard, Rhode Island ...p. 531.
3. Benjamin Oden ...p. 532.
4. Daniel Warner ...p. 533.
5. John H. Stone ...p. 542.
6. H. B. Tyler, Virginia ...p. 591.
7. Samuel and John Rowe ...p. 592.
8. Aaron Stout ...p. 664.
9. Thomas Todd ...p. 702.
10. Levi Chadwick ...p. 707.
11. William Clark ...p. 708.
12. Francis Jarvis ...p. 914.
13. S. Burton, jr. ...p. 936.
14. Fras. Jarvis ...p. 914.


1. Duncan L. Clinch ...p. 433.
2. Wm. Baker ...p. 493.
3. Louis Le Gras de Vobeceye ...p. 494.
4. Peter Alba ...p. 531.
5. Joseph E. Padro ...p. 709.
6. Jos. Hernandez ...p. 912.
7. Jennett Willis ...p. 925.


1. Samuel Dickerson ...p. 440.
2. Gideon Blackburn ...p. 577.
3. Daniel Malone ..p.. 581..
4. James Dutton ...p. 928.
5. Margaret Nation ...p. 451.
6. Zebulon Sheets ...p. 455.

Indian Land.

1. J. B. Hancock ...p. 557.
2. Allen Yates ...p. 563.
3. Poas Hadgo ...p. 581.
4. Jane Scammakon and Susan Hazleton ...p. 455.


1. Zebulon Sheets, Indiana, ...p. 455
2. William Bowman, Indiana ...p. 327.
3. Margaret Nation ...p. 451.


1.John Fletcher, of Louisiana ...p. 976.
2. Eloy Segura, of Louisiana ..p.. 452.
3. Robert Bell, Louisiana ...p. 702.
4. Thomas M. Burland, Louisiana ...p. 706.
5. Polly Lemon ... 913.
6. Wm. Conway's heirs ...p. 497.


1. Chas. A. Grignon, Michigan ...p. 595.
2. George C. Willard , Michigan ...p. 601.
3. Thos. Reddock, Michigan ..p.. 915.


1, Green Pryor, Mississippi ...p. 436.


1. D. Browning, Missouri ...p. 332.
2. J. Boone, Missouri ...p. 333.
3. August Brazeau , Missouri...p. 334.
4. John Wiley and Jefferson Greer, Missouri ...p. 454.
5. John Whitsitt, Missouri ...p. 495.


1. Solomon Sturges, Ohio ...p.560.
2. James Brewer, Ohio ...p. 578.
3. Mary Sroufe, Ohio ...p. 932.

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