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Joseph Alonzo Morris

Joseph Alonzo Morris.

Birth : April 21,1914, Linden, Cass Co., TX.
Death: Death: May 6, 2005 Linden, Cass County, TX.

Joseph Alonzo Morris, SK 1/c.
Entered Navy by enlistment 1943.
Trained in Corpus Christi & San Diego.
Served in USA, Hawaii, and Okinawa.
Awarded Victory, ATO. and APO. Ribbons. Discharged 1946.

Joseph, was born April 21, 1913 in Linden, Cass Co., TX., married Charline Ijuana Wiley daughter of Charles Edward Wiley and Lora Anne Hamilton on 29 Sep 1937 in Center Grove, Cass, Texas.

They had the following children:

Rebecca Ann Morris was born on 3 Dec 1946 in Linden, Cass, Texas. She died on 15 Oct 1958 in Linden, Cass, Texas. She was buried in Oct 1958 in Linden, Cass, Texas.

Brenda Sue Morris.

Brenda married Joseph Henry Lazara on 29 May 1970 in the Linden First United Methodist Church, Linden Tx .

They had the following children:

Wesley Alan Lazara.
Alexander Morris Lazara.
Spencer Joseph Lazara.

Sue Lazara contacted me to do some navy research for her and in our talks we started talking about her fathers navy service, she has a lot of questions and ever few answers. I found her story interesting and decided to do this page for her hoping she may get some of those answers.

This is the story she told.
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“My mother kept a scrapbook of my father's naval years, with many photos at Corpus Christi and San Diego, etc. It would be great to know his ship name.

I have his dog tag too, but it is in the safety deposit box at the bank. Don't ask me why -- maybe superstition? Pop never claimed to have seen dangerous or heroic duty, but he and his buddies were shaking in their boots over the possibility of the Japanese land invasion, that's for sure. He told me about a terrific typhoon on Okinawa when he was on Okinawa. The storm tore the island up, and some of the men didn't know to move onto higher ground. Those guys suffered badly, whereas my father and his buddies got their gear up from the beaches in plenty of time for the worst of the big waves and surges. He said the wind and lightening and downpour were something terrific -- he'd never seen anything like it on the Gulf, before or since. We used to go as a family every year or so to visit his two best Navy buddies who lived in Louisiana and central Texas.

From what I understand, his duty was as keeper of ship's stores throughout his service years. Again, I am too lacking the general military knowledge to say much. We were born after the war and he never dwelt on the subject except to say how eternally grateful he was to get back home, victorious, and be able to start a family, etc. I do I treasure the navy keepsakes -- he was an EXCELLENT father, after all, and was STRONG and FUNNY to the age of 90! “

Authors note.

Brenda Sue ( Morris ) Lazara, navy research is trying to link her family to Commodore Charles Morris, she would like to hear from any one on this, or has any information on her family. She would like also to hear from any of her fathers old navy buddies that are still out there. She would enjoy hearing navy stories about her father.
Those wishing contact her can by using the following address:

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