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Joseph Langdon New Hampshire 1696-1767.

Joseph Langdon, was born to Captain Tobias Langdon and Marry Hubbard, on 28 Feb 1696 , Rockingham, New Hampshire. On 1 December 1720, he would marry Mary Banfield at Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire. From this union the following children were born.

1. Hannah Langdon, Born about 1729, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

2. Samuel Langdon, Born 1721, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.
Death: 1796.

3. Elizabeth Langdon, Born 1733, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.
Death: July 14, 1804.

4. Mary Langdon, Born August 23, 1724, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.
Death: February 23, 1807, Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Joseph Langdon death came on August 10, 1767, Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire

It should be noted here that Mary would marry Amos Seavey, on October 25, 1744. Also it should be noted that these records show that Joseph Langdon married Mary Banfield, but in his will he states his wife’s name is Anna, so was this part of Mary’s full name or was Joseph married twice the records does not say one way or the other.


In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Langdon of Portsmouth in the Province of New Hampshire Gent being Indisposed in body * * *

Item I give & Devise to Ann my beloved Wife a Comfortable Support and Honorable Maintainance out of my Estate during her natural Life.

Item I give & Devise to My Daughter Mary Seavy the wife of Amos Seavy thirty acres of Land to be taken off the Southerly part of my homestead next to the Land of Joseph Edmunds the whole Length of my said Homested farm with half the barn I purchased of John Cotton to hold to my Said Daughter her heirs & assigns to run as far as Banfills Land.

Item I give & Devise to my Daughter Hannah Whidden the wife of Samuel Whidden her Heirs & assigns that thirty Acres of Land lying on the Westerly Side of the High Way where I live which I purchased of Thomas Cotton with three Acres of Salt Marsh which I bot of John Banfill.

Item I give & Devise to my Daughter Elizabeth the wife of James Seavy to her & her heirs & assigns thirty acres of Land next to said thirty acres of Land I gave to my said Daughter Mary to be taken the whole Len& of my Land as aforesaid with the other half of the barn aforesaid it is my will that if my Said Daughter Hannah Should not Dispose of the said Land I have herein given to her which she has hereby a Power to do it shall go to her Son Joseph Whidden his Heirs & Assigns.

Item I give & bequeath to James Seavy that four hundred pounds old Tenor which I lent to him & to my Son Samuel Langdon the four hundred pounds I Lent to him & I give to my Son in Law Amos Seavy the note of hand I have of Winthrop Marston to take the money thereby due to his Amos's own use Item I give & Devise to my Son Samuel Langdon all the rest and residue of my Real Estate wheresoever the same is and of whatever Quality & kind to hold to him his Heirs & assigns for ever and all my Personal Estate (Except that part thereof which my wife shall take to her own use which I allow her to do for her Comfortable Support as aforesaid) I give & bequeath to my Son Samuel his Executr admin°n & assigns & order him to pay to Each of his Sisters of the Same thirty pounds Lawful money to Mary her Exec*' & admin r" within One Year after my Decease & to Hannah her Exec=n and Admrn within two years & to the other viz Elizabeth within three Years as aforesaid And I make my Said Son Sole Executr of this my Last Will & Revoke all other Wills by me in any manner heretofore made In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal the 8 th Day of Aug, 1767, his mark Joseph X Langdon

[Witnesses] Wm Parker, D. Sherburne, John Langdon, Wallis

In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Langdon of Portsmouth in the Province of New Hampshire Gent . Having made my last Will & Testament of the Eighth Day of August Instant have upon further Consideration tho't proper to make this Codicel & addition thereto and in those Instances an alteration vi z I give & Devise to my Grandson Joseph Whidden five Acres of Land at the head of my homestead at the Northerly or North West End thereof to begin at a Certain Rock there and to be laid out next to the Land of Moses Brewster of Such a Breadth & Extent as will best accommodate both Parties who shall be the owners viz my Said Grandson and the owner of my Said Homestead To hold the said five acres to my Said Grandson Joseph his Heirs & assigns.

Item I give & Devise to my Gran'son Joseph Seavy five Acres of Land to hold to him his Heirs & Assigns to be laid out at the Southerly End of my homestead joining to the Land of Madam Odiorne & to the Land of Edward Edmunds in such manner as may be agreed between him and my Grandson Joseph Langdon son of my Son Samuel to whom I give the other part or Remainder of the Lot I Purchased of John Cotton to hold to my said Grandson his Heirs & Assigns Item I Revoke that part of my will Relating to my Personal Estate and hereby give and bequeath all my Personal Estate to be Equally Divided between all my Children & my wife Equally that is to Say one fifth part to Each to them & their Respective executors & adm" and all my out Lands & all my Real Estate except my homestead and the Particular pieces given to my grand Children I give & Devise among all my Children & their Respective Heirs & assigns my meaning all that part of my Real Estate not before Particularly mentioned and it is my meaning that all my Debts & funeral Charges should be first Deducted & allowed before the Division aforesaid In all other things I confirm my Said Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal the Eleventh Day of Aug' One thousand Seven hundred & Sixty Seven.

His Mark. Joseph X Langdon

[Witnesses] Wm Parker, Henry Sherburne, Thomas Sevey.
[Proved Sept. 11 1767.]

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