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Captain Benjamin Farnum, Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Farnum.

Birth: Dec. 16, 1746, Andover, Essex, Ma.
Death: Dec. 4, 1833, Andover, Essex, Ma.
Burial: Old North Parish Burying Ground, North Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.


Father: Timothy Farnum.
Mother: Dinah Ingalls.
Wife: Dolly Holt, married Nov. 26, 1767, Andover, Essex, Ma.
Children: Polly, Chioe, Hannah, Jacob, Benjamin and Phebe Farnum.

In the Rev War he was promoted to captain of the regiment commanded by Col. James Frye, also of Andover. He had first served as a lieut at the Battle of Lexington. At the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was wounded by a musket ball which fractured and considerably injured his left leg. He was also wounded by a ball which remained lodged in his right thigh. He was brought home by a sort of litter placed on poles, and fastened to two chairs, drawn by horses, harnessed in tandem. He recovered enough to serve as company commander in the campaign against General Burgoyne. His regiment then joined General Washington's army at Valley Forge.

Returning home from war, he built a house in North Andover, on his father's land. The work was done by a Mr Russell and it was built entirely of oak. This house still stands today and has remained in the family throughout its long existence. The original clock is also still in the house and Benjamin's rocking chair.

Military service.

Farnum, Benjamin, Andover. Lieutenant, Capt. Thomas Poor's co.. Col. James Frye's regt,; return of men in camp at Cambridge dated May 17, 1775; also, Captain, Col. James Frye's (Essex Co.) regt.; list of officers appearing on a regimental return dated May 20, 1775; resolved in Provincial Congress May 20, 1775, that commissions be delivered said officers; also, Captain, Col. James Frye's regt.; company return dated Camp at Cambridge, Oct. 6, 1775; also, same regt.; order dated Andover, Dec. 26, 1776, signed by said Farnum, for reimbursement for losses sustained at Bunker Hill, payable to Samuel Phillips, Jr.; also. Captain, Col. Isaac Smith's regt. of Mass. militia ; list of officers ; ordered in Council March 13, 1776, that said officers be commissioned; reported commissioned March 13, 1776; regiment raised as a temporary reinforcement to the army and to serve until April 1 [year not given] ; also. Captain, Col. Benjamin Tupper's regt. ; Con- tinental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1777, to March 28, 1779; re- ported resigned March 28, 1779; also. Col. Ebenezer Francis's regt.; rations allowed from date of engagement, Feb. 4, 1777, to time of arrival at Bennington ; credited with allowance to March 28, 1777, 92 days, including 11 days for 220 miles travel; also, petition dated Van Schaick's Island, Aug. 31, 1777, signed by said Farnum and other officers of (late) Col. Francis's regt., asking that Lieut. Col. Littlefield be appointed Colonel of said regiment; also. Col. Tupper's (15th) regt. ; muster roll for March, 1779, dated West Point.

Pension Claim.

1792, Benjamin Farnum, Captain, Regiment Colonel Frye’s Wounded in the battle of Bunker’s Hill, June 17, 1775, Militia, one third pension, Arrearages $80., No Musters for 1775, in War Department.

Pension Roll.

Commencement of his pension was March 4, 1795, was dropped from the roll on May 1, 1820.

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