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Matthew ARBUCKLE., 1740-1851.

The following Information came from: Family, Find a Grave and Library of Congress.


Born: July 15, 1740, Botetourt, Va.
Death: 11, Jun 1851, Fort Smith, Crawford, Arkansas.
Burial: Arbuckle Cemetery, Lavaca, Sebastian County Arkansas.

Father: Samuel Arbuckle.
Mother: Margaret Arbuckle.

1. Wife: Jane LOCKHART.
Marriage: Jan. 6. 1768, Henry, Virginia.
Children: John, Charles Arbuckle.

2. Wife: Frances HUNTER.
Marriage: Dec. 17, 1774.
Children: Thomas, Samuel, James Arbuckle.

United States Army Officer. He served as Colonel and commander of 7th United States Infantry Regiment, stationed at Fort Scott, Georgia. Assumed command of Ft. Smith, AR in 1822. First commander of Ft. Gibson, IT (OK) from 1824 to 1841. Last assigned to Ft. Smith, AR on March 14, 1851. He died there in June of 1851.The Arbuckle Mountains in Southern Oklahoma were named in his honor.

Military service.

Ensign, 3rd., infantry, March 3, 1799.
First Lieutenant, October 24, 1799.
Transferred to 2nd., infantry, April 1, 1802.
Colonel, 7th., infantry, March 16, 1820.
Brig General, March 10, 1830, for ten years faithful service in one grade.

Side notes.

1835, He claimed 1,360 acres in Arkansas, but the claim was not granted.  Although he may have got the land after all as all the claims were paid at $1.25, and acre. This report is very long, but will be given on request. Ask for claims, p. 666-673. From Public Lands, Volume 7, 1834-1835

1841, The President of the United States be requested to inform the Senate, why General Matthew Arbuckle has been removed from his command at Fort Gibson, west of Arkansas, to Baton Rouge, in the State of Louisiana, where there are no United States troops.


Anonymous said...

you are doing very good, but can you explain how Col Matthew Arbuckle was born in Dec 1778 and married (1) Jan 1768 & (2) Dec 1774 AS you have listed on your page.

Assume these two women were his father, Captain Matther Arbuckle wives.

R Stephenson, born in the Great State of New Mexico, Resided in The Great State of OKLAHOMA, and now call the Hills of North Carolina my home.


Dennis Segelquist said...

Wow!, thanks for catching the erorr, Matthew was born in 1740, and his father was Samuel not Matthew. If anyone else catches any more erorrs I'll have to detete the whole page.
Thanks again for catching the erorrs.

Anonymous said...

Lots of errors!! General Matthew Arbuckle was born Decemer 28, 1778 in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West VA) to Captain Matthew and Frances Hunter Arbuckle. He died June 11, 1851 at Fort Smith, Arkansas. He never married although there are rumors that he may have married a Creek Indian and they may have had a child or two. Something never spoken about in the family. He died a bachelor and his nephew, son of brother Thomas, excuted his will. He was of my family and all about him can correctly be found on the Internet.

Larry Bennett said...

Matthew Sr was born 1740, Matt Jr was born in 1777 and died in 1852, according to his headstone.

Larry Bennett said...

I live here in Greenbrier Co