Friday, April 08, 2011

Photos Of Men Of The Signal Corps.

Note. Photo cab be enlarged by pushing on it.

1. QUICK, MILES W., Sergeant, Titusville, Pa.
Transferred from 1st N.Y. Eng.; Canandaigua, N.Y.; Dept. of South; Dec., 1864.

2. PARSONS, THOMAS C., Sergeant. Island Height., N.J.
Transferred from 97th Pa. Vols.; Concordville, Pa.; Dept. of South; July 16, 1863, attack on Fort Wagner; May 22, 1864, Cole's Island, S. C.; Dec. 18, Braddock's Point; recommended for promotion for zeal, etc.

3. MARSTON, WILLIAM S.24 Market St., Newburyport, Mass.
Transferred from 3d N. H. Vols., Aug. 5, 1863; Exeter, N. H.; Dept. of South; Folly Island; Morris Island; Hilton Head; Fort Gregg; May 24, 1864, to Fort Wagner on secret service to decipher rebel code; discarged. Aug. 17, 1864.

4. PROUDMAN, JAMES D.108 Ann St., Meriden, Conn. Transferred from Co. A, 3d N. H. Vols.; Manchester, N. H.; Dept. of Va. and N.C.; August, 1863, in Dept. of South; Folly Island; Army of Potomac.

5. NELSON, HORATIOBox 108, Oakville, Conn. Transferred from Co. E, 6th Pa. Vols., Sept., 1863; Waterbury, Conn.; Dept. of South; discharged. Aug., 1865.

6. HAGADON, WILLIAM1 Kirtland Place, Meriden, Conn. Transferred from 8th Conn.; Meriden, Conn.; Dept. of Va. and N.C.; Dept. of South.

7. CONGDON, HENRY R.Bristol, R. I. Transferred from 3d R. I. Art.; Newport, R. I.; Dept. of South.

8. STICKNEY, LESTER P.151 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, Ill. Transferred from 100th N.Y. Vols., Feb. 14, 1864; Wyoming, N.Y.; Dept. of South; Feb. 29, 1864, re-enlisted S.C.; March and April, 1864, recruiting service, Boston, Mass.; discharged. Sept. 20, 1865.

9. FLORY, MICHAEL1455 West 3d St., Dayton, Ohio. Enlisted Jan. 1, 1864; Rockingham Co. Va.; Dept. of South.

10. FORD, JAMES G. West 3d St., Richmond, Ind.
Transferred from 97th Pa.; Westchester, Pa.; Aug., 1863, Dept. of South.

11. WEAVER, ALBERT S.64 N. Main St., Providence, R.I. Transferred from 3d R.I. Art.; Providence, R.I.; Dept. of Va.; Dept. of South.

12. ABRAHAM, CLARK, Elizabeth, Pa. Transferred from 100th Pa; Elizabeth, Pa.; Dept. of South; April, 1862, at Fort Pulaski, Ga.; commended for coolness under fire.

13. FOSTER, JOHN, 4 West 45th St., New York City. Transferred from 8th Conn. Vols.; Hartford, Conn.; Dept. of N.C.; Dept. of South.

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