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The Empress, Sumter And Petrel, Ships Of The Civil War.

Here are the names of the crew men, maybe you will find a family ancestor on the lists.

Bark Empress.

The English bark Empress captured by the U. S. sloop Vincennes while running the blockade at the Northeast Pass of the Mississippi and was conveyed to New York. U. S. Marshal Murray, of New York, having informed the Secretary of State of the arrival of the crew of the Empress and that they were in his custody an order was issued from the State Department dated December 28, 1861, directing the marshal to release Jones and his companions. The crew of the bark Empress were accordingly released.

The Crew.

1. William Jones.
2. Michael O'Brien.
3. William Sanger.
4. George Watt.
5. Arthur Wardle.
6. William Cuthbert.
7. James Hopkinson

Privateer Sumter.


1. Captain, Semms [Semmes].
2. First Lieutenant, Carl Kell.
3. Henry Spencer, age 21.
4. John Davison, age 38.
The Sumter carried a crew of 120.

Privateer Petrel.

The rebel privateer Petrel captured by the U. S. frigate Saint Lawrence and brought into the port of Philadelphia by the U. S. steamer Flag. Said Brookbanks remained in custody at Fort Lafayette February 15, 1862, when in conformity with the order of the War Department of the preceding day he was transferred to the charge of that Department.


1. Tomas A. Brookbanks.
2. John W. Dearing.
3. A. C. Delahay.
4. William Bryan.
5. C. H. MARRIOTT, of privateer Petrel, and a native of Frederick, Md.
6. JOHN H. EDWARDS, of privateer Petrel, and a native of New York.
7. THOMAS WOODS, of privateer Petrel, native of Liverpool, England.
8. JOSEPH CRUZ DEL CANO, of the privateer Savannah, native of Manila, Spanish Island.
(Wife is in Liverpool, England.)
9. THOMAS QUIGLEY, of the Jeff. Davis, native of New York.
10. RICHARD LEWIS, of the privateer Petrel, native of New York.
11. THOMAS A. BROOKBANKS, of privateer Petrel, of Philadelphia, Pa.
12. William Perry, captain of Petrel.
13. Rich. M. Harvey, first lieutenant of Petrel.
14. Colin Campbell, second lieutenant of schooner Petrel.
15. Thomas Woods, seaman of Petrel.
16. John G. S. Tucket, seaman of Petrel.
17. John Mack seaman of Petrel.
18. J. N. Morgan, steward of Petrel.
19. Henry Mills, seaman of Petrel.
20. George Hawkins, seaman of Petrel.
21. Edward Murphy, seaman of Petrel.
22. Hugh Monaghan, landsman of Petrel.
23. Robert (his x mark) Barnet, mate of Petrel.
24. Richard R. Jeffers, seaman of Petrel.
25. John Cronin, seaman of Petrel.
26. Geo. H. Roberts, seaman of Petrel.
27. Michael Dooling, landsman of Petrel.
28. C. H. Marriott, ordinary seaman of Petrel.
29. John C. (his x mark) Cunningham, seaman of Petrel.
30. Frank A] boy of Petrel.
31. Wm. (his x mark) Brain, cook of Petrel.
32. H. Oltmans, cook of Petrel.
33. John M. Dearing, seaman of Petrel.
34. George Sawden, seaman of Petrel.
35. Wm. H. (his x mark) Hazlehurst, seaman of Petrel.
36. Daniel (his x mark) Courney, second cook of Petrel.
37. Henry A. Rowan, seaman of Petrel.
38. Edward Flynn, seaman of Petrel.
39. A. C. Delahay, seaman of Petrel.
40. John H. Edwards, seaman of Petrel.
42. George S. Harrison, seaman of Petrel.
43. A. C. Williams, seaman of Petrel.

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