Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trouble in the ranks, 1776.

When ever you have a large group of people put together you will always find trouble. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a large city, small town or a military regiment there will always be some kind of trouble.

Captain James Chamber’s company, Battalion of Riflemen.

December 1, 1775, John McMurtrice of Captain Chamber’s company killed John Penn, by his rifle going off, when he says he didn’t know it was loaded.

Captain Robert Luggage’s , company of riflemen

September 14, 1775, John Kelly, one of Captain Cluggages men, shot one of Captain Chamber’s men through the head for stabbing him.

First Pennsylvania Battalion.

Brice Dunlap of the First Pennsylvania Battalion, in custody at Pittsford, July 13, 1776, for the murder of Corporal Kelly, who was murdered at Point Aux Trembles, May 7, 1776, by Brice Dunlap.

Fourth Pennsylvania.

George Knox, enlisted in 1776, promoted Sergeant Major, October 5, 1777, was shot through the body accidentally on the March at Albany, July 13, 1776, Discharged in 1779.

First Pennsylvania.

Thomas Peltson, was killed by Joseph Blackburn, in January of 1777, Blackburn was tried by court martial and acquitted in 1777.

Court Martials of the Eighth Pennsylvania, 1779-1780.

Isaac Alkin, theft, guilty, fifty lashes.

James Maxwell, refusal to do duty, to ride a wooden horse for ten minutes, with a musket on each foot.

Edward Wilkie, many offenses, one hundred lashes and to be drummed out of the regiment as a vagabond, not to appear again on pain of death.

Thomas Kelly, five hundred lashes, surgeon to attend the execution.

Tenth Pennsylvania.

Captain Henry Shade, cashiered by General Court Martial, October 16 or 17, 1777.

Ensign Thomas Shanks, cashiered December 4, 1776, for stealing two pair of shoes.

Third Pennsylvania.

The following men were arrested and found guilty of exercising military law over peaceable and unarmed civilians, and as the civil laws is more superior then military law, they were turned over to the civil powers.

Captain, Jon Henderson.
Lieutenant, John Marshall.
Lieutenant, B. Wm Ball.
Ensign, Peter Smith.

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