Thursday, July 14, 2011

John W. Walker-William H. Earhart-Samuel M. Zent.

Here are three men from Indiana who were in the service of the United States. I tried to find records of them but there were no reports on them in the Official records. There is a little information on, I was going to delete them then decided not to, as I know there were others looking into these names and it would be nice to be able to look into the face of ones ancestor.
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John W. Walker.

Enlisted, August 22, 1862.
Enlisted at Monroe, County, Indiana.
Residence, White Hall, Indiana.
Age, 34.
Regiment, 82, infantry.
Company, I.
Rank, Sergeant.
Discharged, April 9, 1865.
Remarks, First Lieutenant, December 10, 1863, Mustered out at Washington D. C.
William H. Earhart.

Born: August 31, 1845, Venango, county, Pennsylvania.

Death: October 6, 1937, Markle, Huntington, county, Huntington, Indiana.

Enlisted, October 25, 1864.
Enlisted at Wabash, Indiana.
Age, 18.
Regiment, 40th.
Company, C.
Remarks, Sub. For Jacob H. Lesh.
Authors note: A family story says that he delivered a message to Abraham Lincoln and shook his hand, but I could find no record of it.
Samuel M. Zent.

Born: 1835.

Death: March 17, 1897, Roanoke, Huntington county Indiana.

Enlisted, December 19, 1861.
Enlisted at Beverly, Virginia.
Regiment, 13.
Company, Unknown.
Remarks: Sergeant. Major promoted to second Lieutenant company F., January 31, 1862.
Note. There is more to be found on Mr. Earhart and Mr. Zent at the site of find a grave.

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