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Vermont Revolutionary Soldiers Taken Prisoner.

I don't know why I don't do more on Vermont, It's not because it's not a interesting place.  Because it is full of Historical interest and of couse those things of interest of today.  Below is a list of names taken from the pay rolls of the Vermont regiments.  There will be little information on these name this page is to help those looking to find out if their ancestor was even in the revolutionary war.

Philip and Stephen Smith, belong to Captain Elisha Burton's company of rangers.  They were captured at Lake George Landing September 24, 1777, Stephen died in the hands of the enemy on October 5, 1777, Philip was exchanged and return home on January 14, 1779.

Captain Frye Bayler, captured 1777.

Lieutenant Nehemiah Loverwell, captured 1777.

Colonel Setn Warner's regiment, Gileon Brownson, Captain, Enlisted July 5, 1776, town of Sunderland, taken prisoner July 15, 1779, would later become a Major.

Daniel Bears, Private, Enlisted December 4, 1776, for 3 y., county of Cumberland, town of Hartford, taken prisoner July 15, 1779.

John Whittey, Private, Enlisted January 9, 1777, for 3y., county of Bennington, town of Rutland, taken prisoner July 15, 1779.

John Kent, Enlisted as a private, August 1, 1780, 4 days, prisoner.

Colonel Thomas Johnson, taen prisoner May 11, 1781.

Captain Nehemiah Loverwell company, Nath. Martin pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending August 10, 1781, taken prisoner.  Naham Powers info the sane.

Captain Abner Seely's company, Corp., Thomas Hunter, pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending November 29, 1781, 152 daya, prisoner.

Captain Abner Seely's company, Zerah Norton, pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending November 30, 1781, prisoner.

James Brookin's company, Eli Freeman, July 1, 1781 to December 15, 1781, prisoner.

Jedediah Blackman, July 1, 1781 to December 15, 1781, prisoner.

Captain Enoch Eastman, company, Lieutenant William Blanchard, taker prisoner May 3, 1782.

Moses Evins of Woodstock, was taken prisoner, by the British troops at Diamond Island, October 5, 1777, taken to Isle of Orleans below Quebec, was there till May 3, 1778, made his escape and made it home June 20, last.

Pettion of Orsamus Holmes.
Windson, October 20, 1778.
To the Hon The Gen assembly of the State of Vermont now holden at Windsor in & for said State.  The petition of Orsamus Holmes of Springfield in said state, humbly showeth;

That your petition was unhappily captivated some time in November last, by the enemies of his and the United States, on lake Champlain, being then a private in Captain Ebenr Allen's company of rangers, in Col. Herrick's regiment raised for the defence of the State in the year 1777.

That your petitioner was detaind a prisoner at Montreal, through the last winter & then removed to Quebec, and kept on board a prison ship, till some time in the summer past, when your petitioner with three others, made his escape, with only two days provisions.  That your petitioner was in the wilderness &c., for seventeen days, when the savages took him & his companions & carried them into Montreal.  That your petitioner some time after, Viz., about four weeks ago, made his escape from Montreal, by jumping over the wall of the city and after a very fatiguing through the woods &c., he arrived home about a week past, and that your petitioner had a gun prized fifteen dollars, and a cartouch box, price two dollars in continental money & one quarter of a dollar in silver, which was lost.  He received thiry pounds, fifteen shillings and four pence.

Ephraim Steven's, Sergeant, was sent out as a scout and was taken prisoner on May 19, 1779.

Lemuel Roberts, Captain, prisoner 1781?

James Hill, Esign, prisoner 1781?

Doctor Eli Freeman, prisoner 1781?

Nahum Powers, taken prisoner 1781, was of Captain Nehemiah Loverwell's Company.

Moses Warren, prisoner 1781.

Johathan Luce, was taken prisoner and carried to Canada, October 15, 1781, return the 17th., of the next June.

Nathaniel Fuller, prisoner 1781 or 82.

John Sergeant, Corporal, taken prisoner and took to Canada, October 16, 1782, return home June 14, 1782, was held seven months and twenty-eight days.

Daniel Hovey, taken prisoner October 23, 1783?, return June 12.

Doctor Zerah Norton held prisoner from October 19, 1781 to November 17, 1782.

Thomas Hunter, Corporal, Taken prisoner in August of 1781, return December 6, 1782.

David Hicks, of Brunswick, prisoner was held at Canada for 6 aand a half months.

Daniel Bean, was a Corporal in Seth Warner's company, was taken prisoner and held at the city of Cork Ireland, and then impressed into the British navy, his wife was Phebe Bean.

Ephr---Stevens, Benjamin Stevens, Eben---Hopkins and Jona Rowly or Rowley prisoners 1779.

Nataniel Sever, made a prisoner.

John & Henry Lovel, prisoner at Quebec.

Sergent Archelus Tupper, Silas Walbridge, Jos. Willoughby Jr., Nath. Gravey, Ammi Fuller and Jesse Bruster, was sent out as scouts one was killed the others taken prisoners.  The report did not state who was killed.

Zadock Wright prisoner 1777.

A list of a party of Colonel Warner's regiment who left Fort George to gather huckleberries on Fourteen Mile Island and were killed, wounded or taken prisoner July 15, 1779, by a scout of twenty-four Indians and two white men sent out by Colonel Claus.


Major Wait Hopkins.
Sergeant Benjamin Laraby.
Corproal Robert Quackenbush.
Private Sam. Godsel.
Mrs. Quackenbush.
Mrs. Thomas.


Captain Gideon Brownson, also wounded.
Captain Simeon Smith.
Lieutenant Michael Dunning.
Sergeant-----Curtis, also wounded.
Private Daniel Bean.
Private John Whitely.
A boy of 9 years old, S. Thomas.

A Mrs. Scott and one child were wounded and left with another child on the Island.  The Indians stripped and scalped the men that were killed, but did not offer any violence to the women after the first fire.

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