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1812 Pension Applications.

Here is a list of names from the 1812, pension applications, that I was unable to use.  Maybe this information will help in your search for your ancestors.

James Campbell.
Born: October 29, 1798, Boothbay, Maine.
Service: Private, Captain Jacob Auld's, Company, Maine.
Enlisted: June 20, 1814, June 29, 1814, August 8, 1814.
Discharged: June 24, 1814, July 5, 1814, November 3, 1814.
Residence: Boothbay, Lincoln county, Maine.
Father: Joseph Campbell.
Mother: Jane ( Jenny ) Reed.
Wife: Mary Brewer.
Marriage: January 23, 1820, Boothbay, Lincoln county, Maine.
Death of soldier: January 7, 1884, Boothbay, Lincoln county Maine.
Bounty Land.
James Campbell No. 64-669-40-50.
Mary Brewer Campbell No. 27-660-120-55.

Noah Barefoot.
Wife: Lizza Barefoot.
Service: Private, Captain H. Hooker's company N. C. Militia.
Enlisted: Served 20 day's in July and August 1813.
Death of soldier: August 29, 1851, Johnston county, N. C.
Residence of widow: 1854, 1856, Johnston county, N. C., 1878, Johnston county, P. O., Godwins or Codwins N. C., 1878, Mingo, Sampson county, N. C.
Bounty Land: No. 39843-160-55.

Peter Bellenger or Bellinger.
Born: 1788, Sant Johnsville, Montgomery New York.
Widow: Catharine.
Service: Private, Captain John J. Klock's company, New York Militia.
Enlisted: September 7, 1814.
Discharged: November 14, 1814.
Residence of soldier: 1852, 1855, Tioga county, Pennsylvania.
Residence of widow: 1867, 1872, 1875, Tioga county P. O. Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.
Maiden name of widow: Catharine Shale.
Marrige of soldier: October 13, 1813, Openheim, Montgomery county, New York.
Children: Maria, David, Levi, John, Peter and Norman Bellenger or Bellinger.
Fater: John Jost Bellinger.
Morther: Elizabeth Putnam.
Death of soldier: August 21, 1864.
Bounty Land No. 106806-160-55.

Collins G. Briggs.
Widow: Mariah Briggs.
Service: Ordinary seaman, New York Flot (?) U. S. N.
Enlisted: July 22, 1774.
Discharged: February 25, 1815.
Soldier residence: 1855, 1871, Chenango county, New York.
Widow residence: 1878, Dickson, Coffey county, Kansas.
Wife's maiden name:  Sold first wife Melinda Bloss, second wife Mariah Hamilton.
Marriage: June 11, 1851, German county, New York.
Bounty Land No. 64717-60-55.
Death of soldier: November 12, 1875German county New York.

David Chapin.
Widow: Sarah Chapin.
Service: Cornet, Captain Jehail Demick's company, New York Militia.
Enlisted: January 20, 1813.
Discharged: May 1, 1913.
Soldier residence: 1850, 1855, Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence county, New York.
Widow residence: 1871, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence county, N.Y., 1874, West Medford, Mass.
Maiden Name of widow: Sarah Haskin.
Death of soldier: January 13, 1862 or 1863, Oswegatchie, New York.
Death of widow: August 1, 1883, West Medford, Mass.
Bounty Land No's.: David Chapin, 28263-40-50, Sarah Haskin Chapin, 9954-120-55.

James Dalton.
Widow: Betset Dalton.
Service: Private, Captain Hayne's company N. H., Militia.
Enlisted: September 24, 1814.
Discharged: November 25, 1814.
Residence of soldier: 1851, 1855, Deerfield, Rockingham, N. H.
Residence of widow: 1871, Deerfield, Rockingham, N. H.
Maiden name of widow: Betsey Rand.
Marriage of soldier: August 1, 1807, Epson, N. H.
Death of soldier: December 10, 1868, Deerfield, N. H.
Death of widow: About 1881.
Bounty land No.'s: James Dalton 27446-40-50, Betsey Dalton 35887-120-55.

John Eaker.
Widow: Catharine A. Baker.
Service: Private, Captain E. L. Gingle's company, N. C. Militia.
Enlisted: February 1, 1814.
Discharged: July 31, 1814.
Residence of soldier: 1872, 1873, Calhoun, Gordon county, Ga.
Residence of widow: 1878, Gordon county, P. O. Resaca Ga.
Maiden name of widow: Sold first wife Nancy Best, second wife Catharine A. Baker.
Marriage of soldier: About May 1843, Lincoln county Ga.
Dath of soldier: May 9, 1874, Gordon county Ga.

Benjamin Smith Fairchild.
Born: January 8, 1787, Newburgh, Orange county New York.
Father: Aaron Fairchild.
Mother: Elizabeth Smith.
Widow: Elizabath Fairchild.
Service: Private, Captain J. Lynde's company, New York Militia.  In battle of Plattsburgh.
Enlisted: September 8, 1814.
Discharged: September 14, 1814.
Residence of widow: 1864, 1878, Willsborough, Essex county New York.
Maiden name of widow: Sold first wife Elizabeth Aiken, married January 2, 1813, Ulster county New York, Second wife Elizabeth Whitney.
Marriage of soldier: March 12, 1846, Westport, Essex county, New York.
Death of soldier: January 14, 1855.
Death of widow: Prior to September 26, 1904.
Bounty Land No. 103818-160-55.

William Freeman.
Widow: Elizabeth A. Freeman.
Service: Private, Captain Peter Lamar's company, Ga., Militia.
Enlisted: November 21, 1814.
Discharged: May 20, 1815.
Residence of soldier: 1850, 1855, 1871, Gwinnett county, P. O. Lawrenceville Ga.
Residence of widow: 1878, 1888, Gwinnett county, P. O. Lawrenceville Ga.
Maiden name of widow: Sold first wife Lucinda Harris, second wife Elizabeth A. Blunt.
Marriage of soldier: December 7, 156, Gwinnett county, Ga.
Death of soldier: October 5, 1876, Gwinnett Ga.
Bounty land numbers: 6085-80-50., 37803-80-55.

John Rikeman.
Widow: Susan V. Rikeman
Service: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain Bremner's company, New York Militia.
Enlisted: September 5, 1812, September 2, 1814.
Discharged: December 14, 1812, December 14, 1814.
Residence of soldier: 1850, New York, N. Y.
Residence of widow: 1855, 1871, New York, N. Y.
Maiden name of widow: Susan V. Peterson.
Marriage of soldier: April 10, 1810, New York, N. Y.
Death of soldier: July 4, 1853, New York, N. Y.
Bounty Land numbers: 2147-40-50, 4144-80-50, 169-40-55.

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