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New Jersey Loyalists To The Crown.

The following list of soldiers were loyalists to ihe crown during the Revolutionary war.  There is information on all these names and will be given on request.  Some names will have more information then others.  I will give a couple of examples on the kind of information you may receive.

Authors Note Please give the title of this page when requesting information, to give a name out of the blue with no refevence as too where the name came from makes it hard for me to help you.

Example 1.

Philip Kearney Skinner, a resident of Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  He was a son of General Skinner.  He was commission by his father as Ensign in the First Battalion November 10, 1781.  He was after the war, placed in the British line, the twenty-third regiment of foot and aftter various promotions he became in 1825, Lieutenant General of the British Army.  The following year, April 9, 1826, he died in London.

Example 2.

John Waddington, during the years of 1780-1781, and part of 1782, this officer was the Quartermaster of the First Battalion, but died of disease during the last mentioned year.

Lieutenant Colonel.

Isaac Allen.
Joseph Barton.
Stephen Delancey.
Edward Vanughan Dongan.
Elisha Lawrence.
John Morris.
Abraham Van Buskirk.


John Antill.
John Barnes.
Daniel Isaac Browne.
John Golden.
Robert Drummond.
Thomas Leonard.
Thomas Millidge.
Richard V. Stockton.
Robert Timpany.
Philip Van Cortlant.


John Atchison.
George Cypher.
Isaac Hedden.
Patrick Henry.
John Hyslop.
Ozias Insley.
John Jekins.
Arther T. Pritchard.
Cornelius Thompson.


Fleming Colgan.
Bartholomew Dougaty.
John Falker.
Daniel James.
Thomas Morrison.
James Nealson.
William Sorrell.
Theodore Valleau.
John Waddington.


Absalom Bainbridge.
Daniel Bancroft.
Henry Dongan.
Charles Earle.
John Hammell.
Uzal Johnson.
William Peterson.

Surgeons Mate.

James Boggs.
Stephen Millidge.


Thomas Barton.
Daniel Batwell.
Charles Inglis.
Charles Morgan.
John Rowland.
James Sayre.
Edward Winslow.


David Alston.
John Barbarie.
Benjamin Barton.
Urian Bleau.
Waldron Bleau.
Daniel Bessonet.
Donald Campbell.
Patrick Campbell.
Peter Campbell.
Richard Cayford.
William Chandler.
John Cougle.
Daniel Cozens.
Joseph Crowell.
Edward Earie.
Patrick Haggerty.
Charles Harrison.
Cornelius Hatfield Jr.
John Hatfield.
Samuel Heyden.
Samuel Hudnot.
Thomas Hunlock.
William Hutchinson.
Garret Keating.
Joseph Lee.
Samuel Leonard.
John Longsteet.
Alexander McDonald.
Cornelius McLeod.
Norman McLeod.
Peter Ruttan.
Samuel Ryeason.
James Shaw.
George Stanforth.
John Taylor.
Bartholomew Thatcher.
William Van Allen.
Jacob Van Buskirk.
John Williams.
John Alston.
Joseph Cunliff.
Edward Steele.


Charles Babbington.
Henry Barton.
James Brittain.
William Chew.
John Coombes.
Richard Cooper.
John DeMonzes.
Justus Earle.
John Ford.
Francis Frazer.
James Harrison.
John Hatton.
Anthony Hollinshead.
Christopher Insley.
George Lambert.
John Lawrence.
Enoch Lyon.
Donald McPherson.
James Moody.
John Monro.
Thomas Oakason.
Josiah Parker.
Robert Peterson.
John Reid.
Martin Ryerson.
James Servanier.
Daniel Shannon.
John Simonson.
Michael Smith.
William Stevenson.
Andrew Stockton.
John Thompson.
John Throckmorton.
Jphn Troup.
William Turner.
John Van Buskirk.
William Dumont.
John Van Norden.
John Vought.
Joseph Waller.
John Willis.
Samuel Richard Wilson.


Jonathan Alston.
Peter Anderson.
William Banks.
James Barton.
Joseph Bean.
Joseph Brittain.
John Camp.
James Cole.
Nathaniel Coombes.
Ezekiel Dennis.
Peter Dunworth.
Daniel Grandin.
Reuben Hankinson.
William K. Hurlet.
Zenophon Jewett.
William Lawrence.
James Briser.
George Lee.
John Leonard.
Richard Lippincott.
Richard McGinnis.
Hector McLean.
Colin McLane.
Phineas Millidge.
Peter Myer.
John Robbins.
Ruloff Ruloffs.
Stephen Ryder.
George Ryerson.
John Seamon.
James Service.
John Shannon.
Philip Kearney Skinner.
John Swanton.
Lewis Thompson.
Henry Van Dellen.
Philip Van Cortlandt Jr.
Malcom Wilmott.
John Woodward.
Robert Woodward.

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