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First Missouri Engineers.

On May 28, 1862, the First Engineers were construeting batteries near Farmington, Mississippi, for the siege of Corinth when they were suddenly fired on by the enemies batteries, then a brigade charged.  It was so sudden that the men had no were to go or run as their battery was not ready.  There were two or three batteries in the rear that were unlimbered.  The men of the first had no were to go they were in a cross fire.  All they could do was lay down flat while their batteries open up on the advancing enemy.  When the firing was over it was found that Richard A. Ryan, Orderly Sergeant, Company A., was killed.  Private Addison Carver, Company A., recived a canister shot in his right foot and died from the effects a week later.  Private Thomas E. Bivins ( Bivens ), Company C., was wounded in his right leg near the knee joint and the leg was amputated above the knee.

Sergeant Ryan, was shot, seemingly by a shell, through the shoulder and left breast, tearing the whole left side of his chest open, one leg and arm broken, killing him outright.  He was buried were he fell.  Sergeant Ryan was well liked and when his comrades buried him many wept like women.

Official Records.

Addison Carver, Private, Companies H. & D., First Missouri Engineers, Enlisted September 8, 1861, Paris Ill.  Died June 1862, from a wound of the foot in action, Farmington Miss., May 28, 1862.

UPDATE March 23, 2013

The following is given by Esther Woodcock.

Dear Sir,
Your information about Addison Carver, private, company H is incorrect. Yes he enlisted in Paris, Illinois. Yes, he was shot in the ankle, with the bullet traveling up from his ankle and out at the top of his tibia. He lived several years following that injury but it got so he couldn't walk as. I have copies of the surgeon general's reports as well. He died of "consumption". I have copies of letters through the lawyer & signed by his wife Betty, and his son John Ancen Carver.

Thomas E. Bivins ( Bivens ), Private, Company C., First Missouri Engineers, Enlisted August 4, 1861, Prairie City Ill., Wounded with lost of leg at Farmington Miss., May 28, 1862.  A wagom-maker by trade, carries on a shop at Prairie City Ill.

Richard A. Ryan, First Sergeant, Company C., First Missouri Engineers, Enlisted July 20, 1861, St. Louis Mo.  Killed in action near Farmington Miss., during the siege of Corinth, May 28, 1862, was well liked by all, was just recommended for promotion.

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