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Names From Texas.

Here are some names from Texas,  There is not a lot infomation, mostly just one liners.  But it may give you a lead on the family your looking too.  If you happen to know more about the event stated here or have more information on the name, drop me a line and I will be glad to add it to the page.

Coleman County.

January 24, 1874, Indians stole from Willis Brown 12 horses.  Pursued by Lieutenant Elkins and ten men of minute men company, and Lieutenant Gusman with ten United States soliders.  While on scout Indians attacked the camp of Elkins and stoled 4, horses.

Menard County.

August 1, 1861, Indians killed William McDougal.
Birth: unknown.
Death: Aug. 6, 1866.
Burial: Fort McKavett Cemetery, Schleicher County, Texas.

August 1, 1866, Indians wounded Clara Shellenburg.

March 20, 1871, Indians killed George Centry.

In 1871, Indians stole a herd of 1050 cattle from C. R. Perry and killed two of his herdsmens.

April 6, 1874, Indians stole73 horses, from T. W. Mann.

May 1872, Indians killed James Scull and Mr. Bradbury a transient and stole 100 horses.

Kerr County.

February 24, 1675, Lieutenant Henry Schwethelm, Kerr county Minute Men, had a fight with Indians wounded several and recaptured somehorses.
Henry Schwethelm.
Birth: Sep. 4, 1840.
Death: Aug. 16, 1924.
Texas Ranger.
Parents: Sibbila Katharine Schwethelm (1820 - 1889.)
Spouse: Emilie Schwethelm (1846 - 1933.)
Burial: Glen Rest Cemetery, Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.

In 1874 & 1875, Indians stole from John Billings 200 cattle and four horses; Amos Billings 200 cattle and four horses; H. L. Nelson 50 cattle and one horses; Peter Corn 10 cattle and three horses; John Callahan 50 cattle and 13 horses; D. Turneyubt 50 cattle and two horses; C. P. Smith 50 cattle and two horses; H. Henderson 100 cattle and two horses.

San Saba County.

August 3, 1873, Indians killed Newton Phillips on Cherckee Creek.

Hamilton County.

June 1867, Indians killed Miss Whitney ans a man who was moving and wounded his wife and two children, and a young lady, and carried off a boy; also killed Deorge Fuynce.

Live Oak County.

September 26, 1876, Indians killed Thomas Stringfield and his wife; carried off their sons Dolphus and Thomas.

Denton County.

Indians carried off a son of William Freeman, three children of McElroy, with four children of James Box and killed James Box.

Wichita County.

October 14, 1873, Indians killed Preston Allison on Big Wichita.

Parker County.

August 9, 1873, Indians killed Joseph M. Hemphill.
Joseph M. Hemphill,
Birth: Mar. 23, 1856.
Death: Aug. 2, 1873.
Burial: Veal Station Cemetery, Springtown (Parker County), Parker County

Kendall County.

July 16, 1866, Indians killed Henry Emma Jones.

November 24, 1866, Indians Killed Theo. Gothardt.

July 16, 1869, Indians wounded Adolph Rosenthall.

Burnet County.

February 15, 1869, Indians killed Emma Jones.

November 17, 1869, Indians killed F. M. Smith, and stole 49 horses.

Comal County.

June 29, 1871, Indians wounded August Knibbe.

Bandera County.

January 27, 1873, Indians killed Joseph Moore and his wife and stabed their four children.

Indians robbed the house of Santos Gonzales.

Indians killed Philip Gortin and E. Flores and Fel. Montez.

Frio County.

Indians stole several horses from Wilson Bailey.

Zavalla County.

September 1873, Indians killed Ben Pullim and stole 23 horses.

Indians stole 34 horses from W. Dougherty.

Indians stole from A. C. Bennett, 13 horses.

Young County.

Indians stole from J. C. Loving 23 horses.

Indians stole from G. W. Slaughter & Son 20 horses.

Jackson County.

Indians killed Charles E. Rivers and stole 50 horses and mules.

M'Culloch County.

April 29, 1873, Indians killed Bill Goodman on Brady Creek.

March 17, 1873, Indians killed William Denham and his son-in-law Cusick, and stole 4 horses.

Gillespie County.

August 19, 1870, Indians killed Louis Spardt.

February 27, 1871, Indians killed John McComit and wounded Ed. McComit

Wise County.

September 1866, Indians killed Tsabel Babb and carried off Doff Babb and Bank Babb.

November 1866, Indians killed John Bailey.

1867, Indians carried off Thomas Bailey and Richard Freeman.

1868, Indians killed Mary Russell, Martha Russell, Hawig Russell, boy russell and Buck Green, William Bailey, John Miller and Frank Cornes.

February 1871, Indians killed Stephen Hampton and stole 441 horses.

Stephens County.

In 1873 & 1874, indians stole 6 horses from E. L. Walker.

July 1874, Indians killed Marion Stockdale at Brownings ranch on Clear Fork of Brazo.

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