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Stephen Foster Spalding.

Stephen Foster Spalding.
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Stephen Foster Spalding, was born in Montpelier, Vermont, June 25, 1840, was a graduated from the University of Vermont, when the war came he was a law student at New York, an in less the six hours after the assault on Frot Sumter, he was on his way to Washington as a volunteer in the Seventh New York regiment, he served three months.  He return to New York where he put another regiment together and was commission Second Lieutenant.  But because of a dangerous illness of his eldest brother he resigned his commission and return home, and to his study of law at Derby.  But his taste for military life soon found him putting together another regiment, Company B, eight Vermont, after it was organized he became it's First Lieutenant.

Stephen F. Spalding, First Lieutenant, company B, December 19, 1861; Killed in action at Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863; was acting Adjutant of the regiment when he was killed in the charge of June 14.

The night before his death at Port Hudson, he remarked to a friend: "I shall be at the head of my regiment to-morrow."  Later that evening he said to his friend Captain Barstow: I shall not spend another night with you."

Both remarks proved true, he was struck in the head by a minie ball, and fell in front of his men.  His body was recovered and sent home to his friends.

Stephen F. Spalding, father was Levi Spalding, mother was Julia Ann Cadwell.

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