Monday, February 06, 2012

Five Faces Of The 18th., New Hampshire Infantry.

When I first stared this page I thought I would find a lot of information on them. But I found the records so messed up I was unable to tell what records went to who. Now this was for me. Now someone else may have figured it out but I couldn't take the chance. Even though there's not a lot of information, I decidec to post them. I know some of these pictures are hard to find and those looking into these line will be glad to have a picture even though there's very little information.

Read Left to Right.

Roll One

John L. Worthley, Private, Enlisted September 1, 1864, Antrim, Mustered in September 3, 1864.  Died January 22, 1869.

Lorenzo D. Bean, Musician, Enlisted September 7, 1864, Sandwich.

Roll Two,

1. Frank N. Foss, Corporal, Enlisted September 12, 1864, Sandwich.
2. George S. Cook, Sergeant, Enlisted September 14, 1864, Sandwich.

Samuel R. Robinson, Private, Enlisted September 5, 1864, Bennington.

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