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Four Faces Of 187th., Pennsylvania Infantry.

Here is a group picture of soldiers who must be friends as they took it together and are in the same company.  There is very little information here, so if one is an ancestor and you have information on him I would like to hear about it, so I can post it here.

Company G.

1. George A. Wolcott 1st Sergeant, Mustered April 7, 1864, Mustered out with Company, August 3, 1865; Vet.
Note.  As of 1904-5, was residing at Halstead Pa.

2. Stephen M. Whitbeck Sergeant, Mustered April 7, 1864, Mustered out with Company, August 3, 1865; Vet.

3. John S. Jenkins Sergeant, Mustered April 7, 1864, Promoted from Corporal February 6, 1865; mustered out with Company, August 3, 1865.
Note.  As of 1904-5, was residing at Pittston Pa.

4. John Montgomery Corporal, Mustered May 17, 1864, Promoted to Corporal, February 24, 1865; mustered out with Company, August 3, 1865; Vet.
Note.  As of 1904-5, was known to be dead.

Update January 22, 2014.

The following information is given by Pj, Sisseck, if you have any questions or have any information she can be reached at the following

Hello!  I would love to tell you all kinds of things about Stephen M. Whitbeck, one of those four faces!  He was my second great grandfather, and the only Union Soldier I have found in my ancestry.  I have at lest three Confederates, one of whom died late 1863-early 1864, before his youngest child was born 1 June 1864.
Stephen M. Whitbeck was born 2 Feb 1835 in Hudson, Columbia Co NY to Gilbert Whitbeck and Charlotte Morse (some say Moss).  He had a cousin, Gilbert K. Whitbeck, who also served in the Union Army, from PA.
Stephen’s first wife was named Elizabeth (surname unknown, so far) - she died as Elizabeth A. Smith, 1889, and is buried in Border Plains, IA.
1860 census finds S M Whitbeet (creative spelling!) in Washington TWP, Warren Co NJ.  His first enlistment in the Army was from Flemington NJ, in the 37th Infantry.  Some of the records from NJ give his middle initial as W - I think he may have had three names, as others in this family did.  His enlistment in the 187th PA Infantry was 1865-1865.
1870 census finds SW Whitbeck and family in Fort Dodge, Webster Co IA.  Clarence Whitbeck, born 1867, was my great grandfather.  Stephen and Elizabeth must have split up soon thereafter.  I have not found a divorce record yet, if one exists.
1873, A.E. Whitbeck married George W. Smith in Webster Co IA.  She was still married to him at her death in 1889.
1880 census, the household of George Smith includes step-sons surnamed “Withback”.  I have not found Stephen in 1880 - he was likely in MT with/near several relatives, including his brother, James.
1890 census, Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Widows Schedule.  Stephen Whitbeck was in Great Falls MT.  Some of his conditions relative to the War are listed.
1900 census, Great Falls MT.  Stephen Whitbeck is listed with a wife, Mary, whom he had married about 1887.  A boarder in the home was Frank T. Oberman.
May 1908, Stephen M. Whitbeck applied for admission to the Soldiers’ Home in Orting, Peirce Co WA.  He died there in May 1912, and was buried on the grounds.  His Veterans’ Affairs file #1566 can be accessed from Washington State Digital Archives.  Quite a bit of detail is in that file.  I will mention that I have proven some of it to be untrue…but perhaps he suffered some senility.  In any case, the file contains a letter written by Clarence L. Whitbeck, who was my great grandfather.  The letter clearly states that Stephen M. Whitbeck was his father.
I would love to hear from descendants of the other gentlemen in the photo.  I would also like to learn where to get prints from that card.  Besides the four men you mention, there is a photo of John W. White and a single of John S. Jenkins printed on above the four men.  All appear to be done up like a postcard.  I would love to learn the purpose of this card, who made it, where it is archived, etc, etc!
I have also chased John S Jenkins and wife Rhoda to Luzerne Co PA, George A. Wolcott and wife Anna to Northumberland Co PA, tried to find Corp John Montgomery (struck out) and hesitate to even look for John W. White.....

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Bambi Black said...

Hi my name is Bambi Whitbeck and Stephan M Whitbeck is my Great Great Great Grandfather. This picture was on myAunts fFacebook so I decided to look him up and found this article. I'm so delighted to find out a piece of my family history. This was fabulous.