Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Johnson County Arkansas, Civil War.

Johnson County Arkansas.
Battle of Oak Hill on Wilson's Creek.

On August 10, 1861, the first battle of consequence west of the Mississippi river, was fought.  The conflict doubtless brought more casulties to the population of  Johnson County then any other battle during the four year turmoil. The six hours through which the fighting was in progress spread a terrible depression and anxiety over all the county while loved ones awaited authentic reports from the battle field which, when received caused great sorrow among the people.  Some who were killed outright and wounded were;

Joel Towel.
Robert James.
Joel Smith.
Thomas King.
Vincent Blackard.
Lew Slate.
Thomas Spears

Those Wounded.

J. N. Brown.
Robert Manley.
J. E. Cravens
John Harn.
Alee Rose.
Hall McConnell.
Abe Lensey.
John Grace.
J. L. Farmer.
Jap Newton.
John Morgan.

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