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James Humphrey, First Kentucky Cavalry.

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1st Lieutenant James Humphrey. Enlisted July 27, 1861.  Appointed Sergeant at Company organization. Promoted 1st Lieutenant, November 28, 1862. Mortally wounded in action near Hillsborough, Georgia, July 31, 1864, and died 14 days afterward.

The following was taken from the regimental history.

Page 364.  We lay still until about 1 o'clock, when the enemy advanced upon us, shelling us very rapidly. We fell back and commenced forming at another place, still within range of their cannon. We had Companies A and B, and a few others formed. The shells were flying all about us. I was near Company A, and a shell burst in the midst of it. I heard a groan, and when the smoke and dust cleared away, I saw that Lieut. Humphrey had his leg shot off. Capt. Wolford and some others dismounted to help him, when here came another shell in the same place. After it burst we looked, and oh, what a sight! Capt. Wolford was lying on the ground, his head nearly torn off by a piece of shell He was killed so quick that he hardly knew what hurt him. Just then the Rebels charged and we gave way.

Page 372.  The leg of Lieut. James Humphrey was nearly shot off  by the enemy's Artillery, and some of his comrades dismounted and hastily bandaged it in order to stop the flow of  blood, but were compelled to leave him. He then fell into the hands of t the enemy, and was taken to a citizen's house near by where the wounded limb was amputated. Fourteen days afterward, it being found necessary to again amputate the leg above the knee, he died under the operation. Lieut. Humphrey was a gallant and popular young officer, and was universally lamented by his comrades in arms, and the community in which he resided.

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