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39th., Illinois Regimental Band.

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THE BAND OF 1864 AND 1865.

* Philip M. Lace, Leader Eb Cornet, 1st.
Enlisted September 22, 1861; discharged by order of the War Department June 4, 1862.
Enlisted from Pontiac, January 3, 1864.  Promoted to Principal Musician.

Enoch C. Hedge, Eb. Cornet 2nd.
Enlisted Co. A., August 15th, I86I. Veteran. Detached to regimental band. Mustered out December 6th, 1865.

James A. Wilson, Bb. Cornet 1st.
Enlisted March 14, 1864.  This may be in Error?

Edwabd D. Conley, Bb. Cornet 2nd.
Enlisted Co. A., January 5th, 1864. Detailed to the regimental band. Mustered out December 6th, 1865.

Conley entered the service from the town of Wesley, 111. His brother, John Conley, had entered the service previously as Second Lieutenant of  Company E. After the muster-out Conley returned to Wilmington,  Ill., and soon started in the newspaper business, editing and publishing the Wilmington Advocate, and made it very popular. Some years ago, together with Mr. Zarley, he established the Joliet Signal. He is a vigorous and entertaining writer and is always " on deck " and at the front. Although doing business at Joliet, he still makes his residence at Wilmington. His social qualities were always agreeable and made him popular with his comrades, and he still retains them. We remember his old-time jollity and jokes, and they sometimes crop out even now, although much sobered down since he joined the benedicts.

Heney T. Jones, Eb Alto, Solo 1st.
No record found., This may have been Henry T. James?

Charles A. McGregor, Eb Alto, Solo 2nd.
McGregor, Charles A. Enlisted from Chicago February 22d, 1864, and detailed to the regimental band. Mustered out December 6th, 1865, with the regiment.

Mack was always jolly, and made music wherever he went. He never got into much trouble except that he and the Colonel used to have a little misunderstanding occasionally on some point of order or discipline. After leaving the service he returned to Pontiac and went into the drug business and got rich. Latterly he has had an Indian agency out in the Indian Territory, and got richer. If not, why not? He resides at Pontiac, Ill..

Edward A.. Sackett, Eb Alto, Solo 3rd.
Enlisted Co. E., from Chicago, October 1861, Veteran.

Samuel F. Hull, Bb Baritone Solo.
Enlisted Co. E., from Chicago, February 27, 1864.  Deatiled to regimental band.  Living in Morris Ill.

Samuel G. Geenbaum Bb Tenor, 1st.
Enlisted Co. C., from Chicago, January 4, 1864, and detail to regimental band.  Mustered out December 6, 1865.

Frank L. Butterfield, Bb Tenor  2nd.
Butterfield, Francis L. Enlisted from Marseilles February 4th, 1864; mustered February 29th, 1864; entered for service in regimental band; was detailed as nurse to take care of General Osborn, Colonel Munn and Major Linton when they were wounded in 1864. Discharged as musician at Camp Lee hospital, Richmond, Va., May 30th, 1865, by reason of special order from W"ar Department dated May 6th, 1865. Resides with his family at Marseilles, 111., engaged as a clerk and salesman.

William H. Brown, Bb Tenor 2nd.
No record found.  This may have been William H. R.  Brown?

William C. Lace, Eb Tuba, 1st.
No recotd found.

* Theo. W. Pitches, Eb Tuba 2nd.
Pitcher, Theo. W. Born at Martinsburg, N. Y. Enlisted from Marseilles August 27th, 1861, as musician in the regimental band. Mustered out in 1862, by an order of the War Department which discontinued all regimental bands.

After his " muster-out" Pitcher returned to Marseilles, and on March 5th, 1864, enlisted in Company K, as private, and was detailed to the band that was being organized from material in the regiment. Was mustered out with the regiment December 6th, 1865, and became a citizen of Marseilles, where he resided with his family until a few years ago, when he removed West, homesteading land where he now resides. His postoffice address is Sterling, Colorado.

John Lewis,  Cymbals.
No record found.

* James M. Johnson, Cymblas.
Enlisted September 20, 1861; discharged by order of the War Department, June 4, 1862.

Timothy Cannon,  Small Drum.
Musician Timothy Cannon. Entered the service from Troy, Wis., September 27th, 1861. Veteran. Cannon was the favorite drummer-boy of the regiment, and was detailed to the band. At the close of the war he led a roving life, and it has
been reported that he lost his life through some of his follies at some place in Iowa.

William J. Hughes, Bass Drum.
Enlisted Co. A., February 24, 1864, was detail to regemental band.  Died Chicago, 1886, of consomption.

Myron H. ( C. ) Fuller, Bas Drum.
Enlisted Co. A.  June 5th. 1864, and was detailed to the regimental band: Mustered out December 6th, 1805. Is living at
Wilmington, Ill..

* Members of original band.

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