Tuesday, December 04, 2012

James H. Flower.

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LIEUT. JAMES H. FOWLER, son of Charles C. Fowler, Esq., of Westfield, Mass., was born at that place, Dec. 2, 1839. At the opening of the war, he was in the hardware business in Boston. He responded at once to the call for volunteers ; but so general was the response, that but a small number of the companies offered to the Govern ment were accepted. While connected with one of these unaccepted companies, he became an adept in the manual of arms and company movements, so that when he received his commission as second lieutenant in our regiment, Oct. 16, 1864, he had but few superiors as a drill-master. He was promoted to first lieutenant Jan. 2, 1862 ; served for a time as adjutant; and during the campaign of 1864, as commis sary of subsistence upon Gen l Stannard s staff. He was discharged Sept. 28, 1864 ; re-engaged in business at Boston, and died Oct. 12, 1877.

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