Tuesday, May 21, 2013

U. S. S. Diana, Those Killed or Wounded.

U. S. S. Diana, March 28, 1863, in action with Rebel's forces on the Atchafalaya.


Thomas L. Peterson, Acting master, mini ball through the heart.
Thomas G. Hall, Acting Master mate, mini ball through the lungs.
George C. Dolliver, Acting Master mate, cannon ball to the abdomen.
James McNally, Acting third assistant engineer, mini ball to the head.
Robert Crawford, Boatswain's mate, cannon ball to the legs.
James Mumford, Captain forecastle, cannon ball to the chest.


Patrick Padden, First class fireman, gun shot wound to the , leg amputated.
John Vicars, Second class fireman, gun shot to the abdomen, wounded slightly.
John Cameron, Quarter master, gun shot to the scalp, wounded slightly.

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