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The Death Of Captain Frederic Swoyer, 7th., Kansas Cavalry.

Frederic Swoyer.

Birth: Dec. 4, 1833, Newville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Jan. 4, 1863, Summersville, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Wife: Sarah M Swoyer (____ - 1870).

Children: Jacob Swoyer (____ - 1861).

Burial: Newville Cemetery, Newville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

The following was taken from the Official Records of the Union Army.

Summersville Tennessee, January 3, 1863.

Here occurred a melancholy incident. At the southern border of the town of Summersville, Company B, of the Seventh Kansas, Capt. Fred. Swoyer, had been stationed as a picket.

The captain had discovered a quantity of commissary stores in a building near, and stationed a guard at the entrance. The captain himself had visited a house near by to obtain a breakfast, and there drank to such an extent as to become somewhat exhilarated. During his absence, a couple of men of his company persisted in an endeavor to pass into the store-house mentioned, but were prevented by the guard. On his return to his company the case was reported.

He directed the company to fall in, and the men alluded to deliver their arms and go in arrest. His tone was harsh and peremptory in the extreme. One of the men demurred, and attempted to explain. He commanded him to desist and remove his arms, drawing his pistol, and telling him he would shoot him if he said another word. The man again spoke, when the captain fired, the ball passing into the body of the man. Instantly one of the company fired at the captain, but did not wound him. The captain rode toward him and the man ran. The captain soon overtook him, both riding rapidly, and shot him through the head, killing him instantly. At the same moment the man fired, and his ball passed through the body of the captain. The company was in confusion, and many shots were fired at the captain, who rode rapidly into town. He was taken into a house and died the following day.

Kansas State Records.

Fred Swoyer, First Lieutenant, seventh Kansas Cavalry, Company B., Residence Leavenworth, mustered in September 15, 1861.  Promoted to Captain October 5, 1861.  Killed in action, January 4, 1863, at Summersville, Tennessee.

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