Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Four Men Of Nebraska First Cavalry, Co., A., B., C.

Nebraska First Cavalry.

Company A.

Zebulon J. Maskell, Private, Age 22, Residence Dakota City, Neb., Enlisted November 23, 1863, Mustered in January 14, 1864, Mustered out November 2, 1865.  Transferred from Co. A., 1st., Batln. Nebr., Vet., Cavalry, July 10, 1865.  Killed at Gillman's Ranch by private Edward W. Allen, pistol shot, November 2, 1865.

Company B.

John Roggensack, Private, Age 26, Residence Omaha Nebr., Enlisted June 21, 1861, Mustered in same day, Mustered out April 7, 1862.  Transferred from Co. K., July 27, 1861.  Hit by shell and killed at the battle of Shiloh, July 7, 1862

Company C.

James Gruwell, Sergeant, Age 23, Residence Nemaha City, Nebr., Enlisted September 5, 1861, Mustered in same day.  Commission November 1, 1865, Mustered out October 22, 1865.  Promoted from Corporal, transferred from Co. H.  Killed by Indians at Alkali Nebr., October 22, 1865.

Edwin M. Chapin, Private, Age 25, Residence Brownville, Nebr., Enlisted June 13, 1861, Mustered in June 15, 1861.  Reported deserted February 2, 1862, at Georgetown, Missouri, supposed to have been killed by bushwhackers.

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