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Nine Men of North Carolina 55th., Infantry, Co. K.

North Carolina Fifty-Fifth, Infantry, Co. K.

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1. George W. Currin
Private, Wounded and taken prisoner July 1, 1863, at Gettysburg.  Roster has him enlisting on July 6, 1863, at Grannville, one date is in error.

2.  James K. Wilkerson.
Private, Enlisted March 1, 1862, Grannville.
Author note.  to learn more about him and his family take this link.

3. Charles Stovall.
Private, enlisted May 6, 1862, Granville.  Killed at Gettysburg, died July  31, 1863, at Mt. Jackson, 3rd., Corporal.  Burial Our Soldiers Cemetery, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

4.  Marion H. Hester.
Private, enlisted May 6, 1862, Grannville.  Wounded and Prisoner, Gettysburg.

5.  Thomas B. Daniel.
Private, enlisted May 6, 1862, at Grannville.

6.  Alexander Adcock.
Private, enlisted March 1, 1862, Grannville.  Died August, 1862, at Goldsboro.
Authors note.  To learn more about him take this link.

7.  Robert B. Ellixon.
Private, Wounded seven times at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, taken prisoner July 3, 1863.

8.  John P. Ellixon.
Private, enlisted May 6, 1862, at Grannville.

9.  Benjamin P. Throp.
Private, enlisted January 1, 1863, at Grannville, taken prisoner.

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