Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elbert Wilkins Ernest, 9th, Iowa Cavalry.

Elbert Wilkins Ernest.

Birth: 1833, North Carolina.
Death: Apr., 1898, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa.

Veteran of the Civil War, 9th Iowa Cavalry. Blinded by small pox.

Wife's: Sarah A Earnest (1839 - 1864), Emily J Earnest (1845 - 1909).

Burial: Leon Cemetery, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa.

Files of the Surgeon General.

CASE. Elbert Ernest, saddler, Co. C, 9th Iowa Cavalry, aged 31 years, being admitted for small-pox into the Small-pox Hospital at St. Louis, was treated there until July 2d, 1864, when he was admitted into the Marine Hospital in very feeble health, and with a perforation of the right cheek, the orifice being about three-fourths of an inch in circumference. On July 9th, 1864, Surgeon A, Hammer, U. S. V., performed a plastic operation. Wire sutures were used, and simple dressings applied. The patient was discharged on August 12th, 1864, for "central opacity of both cornea, arising from varioloid, not much improved." The case is reported by the operator. On January 16th, 1868, Pension Examiner W. F. Peck reports that the patient s vision is totally extinct.

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