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James Welch, 8th., Vermont Infantry.

Battle of Cedar Creek.
From the eighth Vermont Regimental History.
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Page 209.  Lieutenant James Welch, with Company G, advanced into the woods as skirmishers, and were soon hurled back by the overwhelming forces of the enemy. But the brigade knew why it had been sent there, and firmly met the shock on ground which could not long be held.

Page 217.  Lieutenant Welch,  who so gallantly led the skirmish line at daybreak, and was then fighting like a tiger, was shot in the thigh, but stood his ground till the regiment went back.

Page 233.  Lieutenant James Welch, of Company G, entered the service as a private, and rose to be sergeant, then second lieutenant, then first lieutenant of his company. At the morning battle at Cedar Creek, he commanded Company G as skirmishers, and his line first met the Confederates as they came rushing; through the woods. In this engagement he was  severely wounded, and as the forces fell back, barely escaped being captured by the enemy. On account of consequent disability he was honorably discharged from the regiment. But as soon as he recovered sufficiently to sit on a horse, he wished to return to the field, and the governor of Vermont appointed him quartermaster of the Eighth Regiment, March 27th, 1865;  and in that capacity he did good service until the close of the war.

Page 261.  Lieutenant James Welch has been a successful farmer and manufacture.

Page 267.  James Welch. Private Company G, Nov. 20, 1861 ; sergeant Feb. 18, 1862 ; 2d lieutenant May 5, 1863 ; honorably discharged as 2d lieutenant Feb. 17, 1865, for wounds received in action Oct. 19, 1864, at Cedar Creek ; quartermaster, March 27, 1865 ; mustered out June 28, 1865 ; commanded the skirmish line of second brigade, first division, 19th A. C, at battle of Cedar Creek.

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