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Policeman of Topeka Kansas, 1871-1905.

There are many who know or think they know, their ancestor was in the Topeka police forces, but can't find  any listing of him.  Well now is your chance.  The names listed here were policeman or patrolman ( policeman ), depending the year. I have also listed the names of the Matrons, Wagon Drivers and Jailers when listed.  I have not listed the Police Chiefs, Lieutenants or Sergeants, however if you think your ancestor was one of these ranks I will be glad to look, just give me a name and a time frame.

Topeka 1871.

A. Folks, Policeman
T. Harper, ".
Hiram Shields, ".
Levi Williams, ".

Topeka 1872-1873.

John P. Carter, Policeman.
H. Cheeksfield, ".
P. J. Gilman, ".
H. P. Streeter, ".
J. H. Tincher, ".
C. Weidner, ".

Topeka 1874.

H. C. Lindsey, Marshal.
John T. Long, Deputy Marshal.
Thomas Archer, Constable.
A. A. Arnott, Constable.

Topeka 1880.

James Dustan, Marshal.
Pat. Sherman, Asst. Marshal.
C. T. Tompkins, Policeman.
W. S. Gilman, "
Andy Gregg, "
C. J. Earley, "
A. W. Copeland, "
J. W. Young, Policeman on bridge.
Byron Jewell, Policeman.

Topeka 1882-1883.

Thomas W. Cochran, Marshal.
J. F. Carter, Deputy Marshal.
J. W. Hughes, Constable.
Alfred Kuykendall, "
W. S. Gilman, Policeman
E. A. Collum, "
F. E. Cook, Policeman, North Side.
A. Gregg, Policeman.
R. M. Curtis, Policeman.
Charles F. Chase, "
J. T. Taylor, "
H. Kennedy, "
William Buford, "
T. J. Wintrode, "
J. W. Byrtn, "
J. King, "
J. Lamor, "
S. M. Evans, "

Topeka 1885-1886.

William Buford, Policeman.
J. O. Robertson, "
A. Nickerson, "
John W. Allen, ".
R. J. Blazo, ".
Green  I. Currier, ".
Dran J. Curtis, ".
J. W. Gardiner, ".
J. E. Stewart, ".
William H. Williams, ".

Topeka 1887-1888.

William Brommel, Policeman.
Wesley Buford, ".
Peter Callahan, ".
G. I. Currin, ".
Charles Earley, ".
Steve Franklin, ".
John W. Gardiner, ".
Dennis Hope, ".
Jas. McCormick, Policeman, U. P. Depot.
J. C. Robertson, Policeman.
Frank Sommers, ".
Sims Watts, ".
?--Youngblood, ".

Topeka 1888-1890.

James Weaver, Policeman.
M. Lewis, "
J. H. Hicks, ".
J. E. Stone, ".
F. M. Engle, ".
Byron Jewell, ".
Alexander Barnes, ".
John Ewing, ".
W. Buford, ".
John King, ".
A. Nichols, ".
S. J. Bruster, ".
G. W. Cannon, ".
A. Welman, ".
Pat. Wilson, ".
F. M. McKee, ".
William McDowell, ".
G. L. Currin, ".
Frank Sommers, ".
Joseph Neal, ".
J. B. Baratton, Mounted Policeman.
G. W. Watson, ".

Topeka 1890-1891.

Pat. Wilson, Patrolman.
Moses Nowls, ".
I. A. Strauss, "
A. R. Jester, Jailer.
Everett Pavey, Wagon Driver.
Peter Lindburg, Patrolman. .
Andrew Nichols, ".
G. W. Cannon, ".
J. A. Lowe, Policeman.
Wesley Buford, ".
H. M. Steele, ".
D. J. Carden, "
L. P. Ward, ".
Nathan Lewis, ".
J. A. Myers, "
B. F. Goodman, ".
G. W. Kerchival, ".
F. L. Honeywell, ".
J. F. Dumont, ".
G. W. Charles, ".
Henry Bernard, ".

Topeka 1893-1894.

F. H. Waite, Jailer.
M. Sage, Patrol Driver.
J. G. Blumenstock, Policeman.
H. Stell, ".
John Dagg, ".
M. C. Jenkins, ".
J. Campbell, "
C. Whiting, ".
J. C. Pickins, ".
L. J. Darr, ".
J. Arterbridge, ".
William Russell, ".
J. R. Lvtle, ".
H. Shafer, ".
C. H. Dyal, ".
J. H. Hinks, ".
J. Orcutt, ".

Topeka 1896-1997.

W. D. Disbrow, Day Jailer.
A. W. Hopkins, Night Jailer.
M. Bundy, Patrol Driver.
L. E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
John Ewing, Patrolman.
J. R. McElroy, "
H. Washburn, ".
R. T. Hurgess, ".
A. W. Fowkes, ".
C. Carlson, ".
J. E. Owen, ".
C. A. McDowell, ".
Frank Parsalls, ".
J. E. Lucas, ".
Wesley Hale, ".
J. C. Johnston, ".
K. K. Pingston, ".
C. Long, ".
M. H. Aye, ".
R. Boyd, ".

Topeka 1899-1900.

Laura E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
Henry Bernard, Policeman.
C. A. Goff, ".
S. M. Hall, ".
Fred Hendricks, ".
J. L. Lucas, ".
Jacob E. Maze, ".
J. R. McElroy, ".
Marion Owen, ".
Frank A. Parcells, ".
E. T. Pavey, ".
F. E. Scudder, ".
M. C. Simpson, ".
Charles A. Smith, ".
Henry D. Smith, ".
E. L. Walker, ".
Moses Wims, ".

Topeka 1902.

Laura E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
A. R. Jester, Jailer.
H. D. Smith, Jailer.
Frank Asher, Patrol Driver.
Henry Aye, Patrolman.
Henry Bernard, ".
C. H. Black, ".
T. A. Blank, ".
. C. Botham, ".
George W. Cannon, ".
W. M. Dowie, ".
A. H. Henderson, ".
W. M. Hutton, ".
J. W. James, ".
C. Long, ".
J. E. Lucas, ".
C. C. Morthland, ".
E. F. Pavey, ".
Frank Parcells, ".
Kent Raub, ".
M. Simpson, ".
C. P. Smith, ".
E. G. Volles, ".
Ed. Walker, ".
J. J. White, ".

Topeka 1905.

H. D. Smith, Jailer.
J. Kenny, Jailer.
L. E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
Nellie E. Thorpe, Asst. Police Matron.
William White, Patrol Driver.
. F. Dickson, Patrol Driver.
Mitchell Bundy, Patrolman.
E. E. Coons, ".
J. R. Douglas, ".
E. m. Duncan, ".
J. F. Hart, ".
A. Henderson, ".
Frank Hendricks, ".
William Hutton, ".
J. W. James, ".
J. W. MIldfelt, ".
J. R. Palmer, ".
Frank Parcels, ".
E. Small, ".
C. A. Smith, ".
H. C. Smith, ".
E. G. Voiles, ".
E. L. Walker, ".
A. A. Woodard, ".
S. W. Zickafoose, ".

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