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George H. Bowes.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name; BOWES, GEORGE. Rank; PVT. Company: F. Unit; 8TH., IL US CAV.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: WASHINGTON, WILL CO, IL. Age: 19. Height; 5' 8. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: GRAY. Complexion: LIGHT. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: Illinois.

Service Record. Joined When: OCT 3, 1861. Period: 3 YRS. Remarks: DISCHARGED FOR WOUNDS RECD IN ACTION MAR 6, 1863.

Eighth Cavalry Regimental History.

Page 176, George H. Bowes of company F., was shot through the stomach, from which wound he almost miraculously recovered ; wounded at Middletown, Maryland.

Wounding of George H. Bowes.

Private George H. Bowes, 8th Illinois Cavalry, in a skirmish, September 13, 1862, was shot in the abdomen.

Captain J. D. Ludlam. 8th Illinois Cavalry, certifies that this man " was shot in a cavalry skirmish, by the enemy, near Middletown, Maryland, and left on the field. I afterward sent an ambulance and brought him in. I did not think he would live through the night. I saw him when shot ; and I was commanding the squadron."

Surgeon C. Hard, 8th Illinois Cavalry, does not refer to the case on his monthly report. As most of the wounded of the battles of South Mountain and Antietam were taken to Frederick the search for the patient was directed there, and it was found that Assistant Surgeon H. A. DuBois, in charge of Hospital No. 4, records, that Bowes entered that hospital on September 19th, with a shot wound believed to involve the intestines. The particulars of the progress and treatment of the case are not recorded. On January 5, 1863, the patient was transferred to the hospital at Camp B, Frederick, where Assistant Surgeon T. G. MacKenzie recorded the case without any details.

On March 9th, the patient was transferred to Jarvis Hospital, Baltimore, and came under the charge of Assistant Surgeon D. C. Peters, in whose language a more detailed history may be given :

"George H. Bowes, aged 19. a private in the 8th Illinois Cavalry, was transferred from Frederick, Maryland, to this hospital, March 7, 1863.

The patient states that the day previous to the battle of South Mountain his regiment was in the advance, skirmishing with the enemy, when he became engaged in a hand to hand encounter with a rebel horseman. The man fired several shots at him with his revolver, one of which took effect in his abdomen.

Private Bowes was discharged from hospital and from the military service April 2, 1863. His pension claim was admitted November 21, 1863, on his captain s certificate, already quoted, and a certificate of disability by Dr. Peters, which was substantially an extract from the foregoing report. The disability was rated as total. No further particulars are given by any pension examining surgeon. The pensioner was last paid in September, 1872, his condition being described as unchanged.

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