Friday, February 07, 2014

Captain "Hurricane Bill." William Ratliff.

Confederate Veteran Magazine.
1922, volume 30, p. 196.

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This picture of Capt. William Ratliff, of Fannin, Miss., was sent by his niece, Mrs. Lou Ratliff McClellan, of Coleman, Tex., who wishes to hear from any of his comrades of the war now living. While she is not able to give the command with which he served, she says Captain Ratliff was known as one of the bravest of cavalrymen, and would go into battle waving his hat and urging on his men. In this brave attitude he was shot from his horse and taken off the battle field as dead; but he came to, sat up, and spat out the ball which had laid him low. He was sent home to recover, and it was months before he could return to his command. His dash and daring caused him to be nicknamed "Hurricane Bill."

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