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Jacob Kimm, 152nd., New York, Infantry.

New York State Records.
Authors Note; his last name was misspelled.

KINNER, JACOB,—Age, 19 years. Enlisted, September 6, 1862, at Litchfield, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co.E, October 15, 1862; wounded in action, May 31, 1864, at Gaines Hill, Va.; discharged for disability, January 30, 1865, at Washington, D. C,

American Journal of the Medical Sciences
volume 50, p.20.
Case I. Gunshot icound of the left knee-joint with contusion of the internal condyle of the femur ; ecchijmosis of bruised osseous tissue; traumatic arthritis; secondary amputation of the thigh; recovery. 

Private Jacob Kimm, Co. E, 152d New York Vols., aged 21 years, and of good constitution, was admitted to Stanton General Hospital, June 4th, 1864, from the 'field, having received a severe gunshot wound of the left knee-joint, four days previously, May 31st, near Salem Church, Va.  A rifle ball penetrated' that joint from the front. There was no orifice of exit. He said the ball had not been extracted, and it was therefore supposed to be still lodged somewhere on the inside.

June 6. The knee is much swelled, painful, hot, and tender. The periarticular tissues are thickened by serous infiltration. The thigh, also, is moderately swelled ; and the femoral tumefaction is increasing from day to day in spite of quietude, and a free application of ice to the inflamed parts. A thin and dirty looking pus mixed with synovia flows from the wound. On introducing my finger, the patient being etherized, the interior of the joint is readily explored in various directions, but without discovering the bullet or finding any comminution of the bone. His general condition is favourable. The constitutional disturbance (irritative fever) is but slight, having not yet been fully developed. There being no prospect of saving the limb the thigh was amputated this day by the double-flap method.

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