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Marion Elston or Marion Elstun, 73th., Indiana, Infantry.

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This soldier is a little confusing in the state records his name is Marion Elstun, however in the regimental history its Marion Elston.  In the regimental roster Marion Elston is not found only Marion Elstun, both names belong to Co. K.

I will give you the information I have and let you decide who's who.

Indiana State Records
Marion Elstun, Corporal, 37th., Indiana Infantry, Co. K., Age 20,  enlisted at Lawrenceburg, Indiana, April 18, 1861.  Transferred to Field and Staff, October 19, 1863.  Died July 23, 1864, from wounds received in action July 20, 1864; Sergeant Major.
37th., Indiana Regimental History. 
About 10 o'clock that morning, the 21st, Sergeant Major Marion Elston came along to the rear of Co. K, his old Company, and told us we could get beef at the rear and foot of the elevated ground. Just as he told us that, he turned to go to the next Company to the right, and as he turned a minnie bullet struck him at the side of the shoulder, and he fell to the ground. I and one or two others went to him.
The blood could be heard spurting in the cavity of his body, and he asked : "What is that?" and on being told, he said : ''Yes, that's it."
An ambulance had been brought as near as it was safe to bring it, and we carried him back and put him in it. The ambulance driver having a holy terror of bullets, drove off  before Marion got to say good-bye to us or we to him, and he waved his last good-bye to his comrades and Regiment by raising his foot up and down for several seconds. He lived but a short time after he was taken back. 

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