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George E. Sly, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.

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George E. Sly.

Birth: March 2, 1846.
Death: April 28, 1912.

Wife: Elenor Ann Sly.

Children: Sydney L. Sly.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego County, California.

In 1880 was living in Belle Plaine, Minn., with his family, he was a Shorthand Reporter.

Minnesota State Records.

George E. Sly, Private/Musician, Age 16, Nativity of New York, Enlisted September 30, 1861, Mustered in October 4, 1861, Residence Belle Plaine.  Re-enlisted January 1, 1864.  Discharged with Regiment.

Minnesota Fourth Infantry Regimental History.

p. 47-48, May 13, 1862, Tuesday. We passed Pittsburgh Landing at twelve o'clock. The steamboats Glendale and Silver Moon have steam calliopes, which play the tunes "Dixie'' and ",The Girl I Left Behind Me." This boat is not as large as the Roe, and our quarters are more cramped. Just after the boat touched the shore at Brown's Landing, Tenn., the men on both decks crowded forward and both decks broke down in front of the cabin, and about fifteen men were injured. Fully fifty men were precipitated to the lower deck, which was crowded with their comrades.

Captain White of Company F says : " I remember very well her breaking down, I was officer of the day that day, and in the Texas at the time, and told the pilot it was his fault in running on the bank so hard, and that if anyone was killed he would suffer for it." Mr. George Sly says: "I was sleeping on some cracker boxes on the cabin deck, and woke up down on the gang plank, the men crying 'Look out for, the bell.' I ran to the side of the boiler. Several men were wounded and one man was pushed 'overboard." That man was Anthony Capser of Company G, and in trying to save his gun from getting wet by holding it up, he was drowned."

p. 438, Mr. Sly says, under date of August 5, 1865.:

I left borne (Belle Flaine) with Colonel Edson and went down to Carver. Walked to Sbakopee. Went to J. L. McDonald's and stopped until Monday morning. Got on a boat and went to Fort Snelling. Got in a wagon and went to St. Paul. Signed the pay rolls. I was the only one of the drum corps who served the fall time.

Authors note. George E. Sly, name is stated 22, times in the Regimental History.  The History was written by ( Alonzo L. Brown ), published in 1892, and can be read on line.

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