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Jonas W. "Tip" Winans

Jonas W. Winans.

Birth: Unknown.
Death: May 12, 1929.

Wife: Alice E. Winans.

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Unknown.

Authors note.  Although his real name was Jonas all his military records state "Tip".  His pension records however state both names.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: WINANS, TIP. Rank: PVT. Company: B. Unit: 28 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: PITTSFIELD, PIKE CO, IL. Age: 20. Height: 5' 3 1/2. Hair: BLACK. Eyes: BLACK. Complexion: DARK. Marital Status: MARRIED. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: N. J..

Service Record. Joined When: AUG 17, 1861. Mustered in : Aug. 23, 1861. Period: 3 YRS. Remarks: DISCHARGED DEC 9, 1862 OF WOUNDS.

Surgeon General Files.

CASE 816. Private Tip Winans. Co. B., 28th Illinois, age 22 years, was wounded at the battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862. Surgeon R. Nicholls, U. S. V., reported that he was "admitted to the hospital at Quiney. May 7, 1862, with a gunshot fracture of the neck of the left femur. The ball entered three inches below and two inches behind the anterior superior spinous process of the left ilium, passed through the bladder, and lodged in the region of the sacrum. Treatment by Buck s method."

This man was discharged from service December 6, 1862, with the accompanying remark over an illegible signature: Hip anchylosed; general health good. About the fracture as above, I have my doubts." The patient receives a pension. On February 6, 1872, Pension Examiner J. H. Ledlie reports, several pieces of dead bone have been removed. Some months since a tumor presented itself near the anus.

This suppurated, and upon opening it a large conical leaden ball was found, half of which was covered with what appeared to be the salts of the urine. Urine was freely discharged through the opening for several weeks. At present this is all healed. There is anchylosis of the hip-joint, shortening of the limb one inch and a half, atrophy of the whole limb, and constant pain along the sciatic nerve, which is much increased by walking." Disability is rated total and permanent.

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