Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Charles "Charley" E. Smallwood, Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Twenty-Third Infantry Regimental History.

Charles E. Smallwood, private, mustered in September 6, 1861, for 3 years.  Transferred to the 82nd P. V., September 14, 1864; Veteran.  Mustered out with company July 13, 1865; Veteran.

Page. 142.  At Marye s Heights, when the skirmishers of the Twenty third Pennsylvania advanced through the fog, to feel the enemy, the orders were upon receiving fire, to fall back a short distance to a slight depression in the ground, lay down and await the orders to charge. The Rebs opened a severe fire as they neared the stone wall and one of the men wounded was Charley Smallwood, of Company G. To get out of range of the fire, he crawled over to a house that stood on the edge of the road, it being occupied by Confederate sharpshooters, he was taken prisoner and turned over to the trenches in the sunken road, the Mississippians telling him how they would annihilate the Yanks when they came on the charge. Here he was left until the assault, and as our line swept into the sunken road, the Johnnies broke and he found he was among his own people. Company G was rejoiced to know that Charley was recaptured. After recovering from his wound he came back and remained until the end of the war.

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