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George R. Duncan, Kansas.

Here is a sad but interesting story from my book web site about Oakland Kansas.
June 20, 1895
Boy Drowned At Oakland:
George R. Duncan of North Topeka Goes Beyond His Depth.
The merry picnic of the Sunday schools of the churches of North Topeka at Oakland park yesterday afternoon was brought to a sad close by the drowning in the river of George R. Duncan the 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Duncan, who live west of the Rock Island round house at Shorey. After the picnic dinner at the park, nine boys, including young Duncan, went to a cut-off in the river to go swimming.
Willie Taggart and Charlie Spangier, who were with Duncan, say that he waded out after them to a sudden decline and went down in the water, when he came up he was throwing his arms about but they thought he was just in fun. Soon he called for them to go and help him but they were afraid to go to him as they could not swim well, he sank and rose several times and finally remained down, Some of the boys ran to the park to give the alarm.
Tom Ingel arrived and pulled the body out of the water. Other help was quickly at hand and a physician and several of the men at the picnic set about to resuscitate the boy, but it had been at least fifteen minutes since he had sunk in the water and efforts were of no Avail. The drowned boy was taken home in a carriage by William Forbes and Rev. W. B. Hutchinson. A sister of the boy was at the picnic. George was a member of the Baptist Sunday school and was well liked by his acquaintances. The funeral will take place at 2:30 o’clock this afternoon from the North Topeka Baptist church. Rev. W. B. Hutchison officiating.
Authors note.  If you would to learn more about Oakland, Kansas, or just like to read some interesting stories take this link.

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