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Lieutenant Marvin Wait or Waitt..

Signal Corps.

Marvin Wait or Waitt.

Birth: Jan. 21, 1843, Norwich, New London County, Connecticut.
Death: Sep. 17, 1862, Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland.

Parents: John Turner Wait (1811 - 1899).
Lawyer and member of Congress.

Burial: Yantic Cemetery, Norwich, New London County, Connecticut.

Connecticut Adjutant General Office.

Marvin Wait or Waitt, private, Co. D., 8th., Connecticut Infantry, residence Norwich, Mustered in October 5, 1861.  Promoted to 2nd., Lieutenant.  Killed at Sharpsbg, Maryland, September 17, 1862.

Author:  Although its recorded he was in company A., he wasn't found on the roster.

The signal Corps U. S. A, in the war of the Rebellion.  

Author:  The records does not say if he resigned from the 8th.,or was transferred to the signal Corps.

When operations were commenced against Fort Macon, March 23rd, Lieut. W. S. Andrews was ordered to open a station at Beaufort to communicate with Gen. Parke's headquarters, via Morehead City, and with the blockading squadron. From that time until April 26th, the day of the surrender, all orders were sent and received by signals. From his station, less than two miles distant from the fort, he could, with the aid of glasses, observe distinctly the movements of the enemy, which our men could have no knowledge of from their position. Gen. Parke, on being apprised of this fact, ordered a station to ])e opened by day on Bogue Banks, near our batteries, to receive official messages only, having reference to observations made from the station of Lieut. Andrews at Beaufort. Lieut. Marvin Waitt also served on the Beaufort station, between the 21st and 26th of April. The Bogue station was at different times worked by Lieutenants ^Nlarsh, Lyon, and Palmer. It was several times fired upon by the enemy.

Author:  On March 24, he was station to  Core Island.      

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