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Neriah B. Kendall.

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Neriah B. Kendall.

Birth: November 1, 1843.
Death: December 18, 1912.

Wife: Florence T. Kendall.
Married October 26, 1873, Lancaster County.

Children: Dewitt C., Kate, and Howard Converse Kendall ( 1881 - 1971 ).

Burial: Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Mr. Kendall, Height was 5' 9 and a half, Hair light, Eyes dark, Complexion light.

The 39th., Infantry Regimental History.

Captain Neriah B. Kendall. Commissioned April 29th, 1865. Mustered out December 6th, 1865, with the regiment. Captain Kendall enlisted from Joliet, Ill., and served continuously up to the muster-out of the regiment, with the exception of three months spent in Libby prison. He enlisted as a private soldier and was mustered out as Captain commanding company, which of itself is a sufficient commentary on his ability and devotion to duty without further altiloquence from the writer. He was wounded in the head and taken prisoner May 16th, 1864, at the battle of Drury's Bluff, Va.; was reported " killed and left on the field" at the time, and in consequence of such report his funeral sermon was preached at Joliet by Elder Crews, of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was perhaps the only person in the regiment who had such a distinction forced upon him, or was placed in such a paradoxical position, "dead yet alive ". It may be mentioned in this connection that he has been a very live man ever since " there are no flies on him." He acted as Adjutant of the regiment from January 28th, to September 10th, 1865, when Adjutant Doud was assigned to the First Brigade.

After the war, in July, 1866, Kendall went to Omaha, Neb., and was appointed civil engineer on the Union Pacific railroad, remaining in that capacity until the completion of the road in 1870, when he received the appointment of chief engineer of the Nebraska railroad, serving until 1874, with the exception of one year spent in Arizona and California exploring a route for the Atlantic and Pacific railroad. He then resigned his position and gave up railroading, and soon engaged in the milling. stock, and land business, which he has since followed.

It is presumed that in his travels and explorations in the far west he discovered the long-lost "Aladdin's Lamp," and has been rubbing it, much to his advantage, ever since. He has considerable landed interests in Omaha, Lincoln, and throughout the State of Nebraska, and has some "little", personal property besides-enough, in fact, to warrant him in saying that he feels quite prosperous. He makes his home and headquarters at Lincoln. Neb.

Kendall, Neriah B. Enlisted from Joliet August 9th, 1861. Veteran. Promoted Corporal January 1st, 1862, age 20.  Wounded and taken prisoner May 16th, 1864. Promoted Sergeant August 15th, 1864; First Sergeant November 1st, 1864; First Lieutenant July 11th, 1865.

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