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Colonel Rufus Robinson Dawes.

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Rufus R. Dawes.

Birth: Jul. 4, 1838, Malta, Morgan County, Ohio.
Death: Aug. 1, 1899, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.

Parents: Henry Dawes (1804 - 1867), Sarah Cutler Dawes (1809 - 1896).

Wife: Mary Berman Gates Dawes (1842 - 1921).

Mrs. Dawes.
Children: Charles Gates Dawes (1865 - 1951), Rufus Cutler Dawes (1867 - 1940), Beman Gates Dawes (1870 - 1953), Henry May Dawes (1877 - 1952).

Siblings: Henry Manasseh Dawes (1832 - 1860), Lucy Dawes (1833 - 1898), Rufus R. Dawes (1838 - 1899), Ephraim Cutler Dawes (1840 - 1895).

Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.

Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General. Colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry of the famed Iron Brigade. Great-Grandson of William Dawes, rider with Paul Revere, and father of Charles Dawes, Vice President under Calvin Coolidge. Elected to Congress after the war.

Author. Mr. Dawes wrote a book on the Sixth Wisconsin Infantry.  There are many copies out there but there is one special copy.  This copy has many pictures that no other has.  The above pictures came from this book. The book was published in 1890, nine years before his death.  There are many picture of R. R. Dawes , a few of his wife. One of his sister Kate and many of his brother Ephraim C. Dawes.

If you would like to look this book over take this link.  Just keep in mind many are poor but interesting to look at non the less.

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