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Charles L. Heywood.

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Charles L Heywood. 

Birth: Mar. 5, 1843, Bucksport, Hancock County, Maine.
Death: Jan. 10, 1928, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Wife: Jane Norris Heywood, ( 1844-1930 ).

Children: Edna Elizabeth Heywood, ( 1877-1938 ), Waldo Burnham Heywood, ( 1887-1954 ).

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

First Maine Heavy Artillery.

Charles L. Heywood, 19, Bucksport. s; promoted Corporal Sept.1, 1864; wounded June 18, 1864; promoted Sergeant Major Dec. 1, 1864, and transferred.

Non-Commissioned Officer.

Sergeant Major Charles L. Heywood, Bucksport, appointed December 1, 1864, from Corporal Co. G; promoted 1st Lieutenant Co. A February 9, 1865, and transferred.

Commissioned Officer.

 1st Lieut. Charles L. Heywood, 21, Bucksport, s., joined February 16, 1864, from Sergeant Major; mustered out September 11, 1865. Resides at North Topeka, Kan.


Topeka Kansas.

The first record I found of him in Topeka, Kansas, was in 1871 he had a business in Harness and Saddle making.  He would be in this business all his life.  His shop would move many times over the years, but they would all be on North Kansas Ave.

Some times he lived at the shop, but he lived mostly on North Topeka Ave., although his address would change many times, it was always on North Topeka Ave.  Although in 1887 and 88, he lived on North Quiney, and would spend the last of his days at 415 Harrison, ( 1921-1928 ).

He was in the Saddlery business most of his life, however in 1905, he tried his hand in the Real E state business, in 1902 he was known as a Capitalist.  He was also a member of the Golden Rule Lodge no. 90. 

Author. If you would like to read his Obituary, take this link to my Kansas web site.

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