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Kentucky Soldiers Killed in a Personal Diffculty.

The phrase; ( Killed in a personal difficulty ),could mean anything from a suicide to an accident.All these soldiers were killed by some personal difficulty.In most cases the record does not state what the difficulty was.

From the Kentucky Adjutant General Report

Names and Regiments are not in any order.

Charles P.Allen, Private,Co.D.,Kentucky First Infantry,Enlisted April 23,1861,at Louisville,Kentucky;was promoted to First Sergeant; Killed Christopher Fraley at Winchester,Virginia, July 12, 1861; was arrested at Winchester and deserted October 30, 1861.

Daniel Clancey, Private, Co. B.Second Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted July 3,1861,at Camp Boon, Tennessee; Taken prisoner at Fort Doneison, February 15, 1862; Killed in a personal difficulty at Vicksburg,Mississippi.

B. F. Clark, Private, Co. G., Kentucky Second Infantry; Enlisted July 23,1861,at Camp Boon; Killed in a private quarrel, at Nashville, Tennessee,1861.

S. P. Hrdee, Private, Co. C.,Seventh Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted April 15, 1864,at Blandville,Kentucky; Killed himself,reason unknown.

David C.  Hart, Private, Co. H. Seventh Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted September 18, 1861 at Columbus Kentucky, November 1861; Killed in a personal difficulty.

Martin Rafter, Private,Cobb's Battery Kentucky Artillery;Enlisted October 12, 1861,at Memphis,Tennessee; Killed in personal difficulty.

Joel Tolliuer, Private,Co.D. Ninth Kentucky Cavalry; Enlisted September 15, 1862, at Kentucky; Killed accidentally at Mt. Sterling Kentucky,October 10,1862.

Charles Carter,Private, Co. K.,Ninth Kentucky Cavalry; Enlisted November 20, 1852,at Murfr' sb"ro, Tennessee; Killed accidentally.

Robert True, Private,Co. A. 12th.,Kentucky Cavalry;Enlisted January 1, 1864, at Northern Mississippi; Accidentally at Corinth, Mississippi, May 21, 1864.

Robert C. Slavghter, Captain,Co. A.,8th., Kentucky Infantry;Enlisted October9,1861, at Hopkinsville,Kentucky;Killed in a Railroad accident, September 28, 1863.

Kentuckians who served with other commands
Milton Elbert,residence Lexington,Kentucky, Private,  Co.I., First Louisiana Cavalry;Enlisted in 1862;Killed by steamboat disaster, 1868.

N. B. Hughes, Private, Co. C.,Jessee's Mount Rifles;Enlisted May 26,1862,at Richmond,Kentucky: Deserted March 21, 1863,having killed Thomas Goodwin.

Fletcher Smith,First Sergeant, Buckner Guards; Enlisted October , 1861,Bowling Green,Kentucky;Promoted Captain,CO.G.,Ninth KentuckyCAvalry;Killed in a explosion.

R. A. Alston, A. A. G.,Captain,Field & Staff of Brigadier General John H. Moran;Killed in a private quarrel at Atlanta,Georgia,in 1868.

Stephen Estell, Private, Co. H. Second Kentucky Infantry;Enlisted August 9, 1861, at Camp Boon;Hospital Nurse;Accidentally at West Point,Georgia,October 27, 1864.

Campbell Cole, Private, Co. B.,Fifth Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted September 11,1862,at Jackson Kentucky; Accidentally killed in Breathill County,Kentucky,October 16, 1862.

John C. Little, Private, Co. B., Fifth Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted September 7, 1862,at  Jackson Kentucky; Transferred to Captain Brad Shaw;s Cavalry; December 1, 1862; Killed by Bushwhackers.

John Fulks, Third Sergeant, Co. I.,Fifth Kentucky Infantry;Enlisted October 25, 1861, at Prestonsburg, Kentucky; Killed by "State Guards",in Owsley County, Kentucky, September, 1862.

William Bridges,Private, Co.E.,Seventh Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted September 15, 1861, at Mayfield,Kentucky;Killed by Railway accident near Goodwin Mississippi, June 27, 1862.

John Jones, Private, Co.E.,Seventh Kentucky Infantry; Enlisted September 15, 1861, at Mayfield,Kentucky;Killed by Railway accident near Goodwin Mississippi, June 27, 1862.

J. W. Stowers, Private, Co. D., First Kentucky Cavalry;Killed by Bushwhackers.

William Russell, Private, Co. E., First Kentucky, Cavalry;Killed by Bushwhackers.

W. B. Carter, Private,Co. A., Second Kentucky Cavalry;Enlisted February 20, 1862, at La Verqne, Tennessee; Promoted to First Lieutenant,Co. D.,Eight Kentucky Cavary, October 14, 1862; Killed by Bushwhackers in Tennessee.

William Diamukes, Private, Co. C.,Second Kentucky Cavalry; Enlisted August 10, 1862,at Sparts,Tennessee; Killed by Bushwhackers.

J. P. Caines, Private, Co. C.,Seventh Kentucky Cavalry; Enlisted September 22,1862, at Taylor County, Kentucky;Killed by Bushwhackers, October 22, 1862.

Frank P. Stone, Secon Lieutenant, Co. A.,Sixth, Kentucky Cavalry; Enlisted August 25, 1861,at Shelby County, Kentucky; Killed in Carter County,Kentucky, by Bushwhackers, September, 1863.

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